Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The baller boys get in gear for Davis Cup's opening weekend

Thursday, March 5, 2009

PHOTO OP: The baller boys get in gear for Davis Cup's opening weekend

Davis Cup weekend is just about underway! The matchups for each tie have been decided and the stage is set for a powerhouse weekend of great tennis. Click here for the draw and here for TV coverage and schedules.

Check out some of the latest images from around the globe...

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  1. Wohooo! Go Sweden! (My home country.)
    Hang on a moment... Why do they look so gloomy? Oh, no audience... No Pim-Pim...(hot) Eh, no chance in hell of winning anything... OK. Fair enough, then.
    Well, at least Mats is still kinda cute.

  2. Juan Monaco has not gotten the memo that he needs to get into my pants- pronto! Lord that boy is blazing hot (and very under-rated in terms of his hottness.)

  3. Holy god. Tennis has so many good looking men.


  4. CC,
    Sweden doesn't look nearly as depressed as Switzerland. They look downright pissed.
    Mats IS still hot. I heard he lives in Idaho (not sure if it's true,) which I think is so weird. If you're going to pick a state in the US in which to live, you pick IDAHO???

    Great idea!
    *pens memo to Rafa*


  5. Natch, Mats lives in Idaho, with model wife an four kids. Maybe Idaho reminds him of his home county Smaland in Sweden...dunno.

    Babz, sooo true...

  6. I forgot to say I love the Frenchies! They can't keep their hands off each other!

  7. Thanks, CC. I still think he could have found a place that reminded him of Sweden in California. Why don't we swing by his house and offer to take him real estate shopping..and then quietly maul him on the way there? You busy Sunday?

  8. Well, aside for the person second picture from the bottom, standing in the middle.. ugh. Just ugh.

    The frenchies are so cute! They're all still behaving like total boys. Not that the spanish ISN'T. :D

    I dunno what's up with the Suisse, but they look... intimidating. Might be the angle of the picture, might be the totally awesome goatee, but definitely looking like they wanna rip someone's face off.

    It stirs me good, alright.

  9. Mon dieu j'adore les hommes francais!

    France better win; they are so beautiful.Where's Richard? The Czechs aren't attractive maybe Berdych but not really and who in their right mind chooses the worm to be the focal point of a picture? The Swiss totally look pissed in a smoldering "take your pants off" kind of way. Ancic looks adorable and Huta Galung is still hot though he looks slightly psychotic in the picture. I agree Monaco is hot though he has the tendency to look ugly.

    Ooh nothing makes a bad day better than hot men. Hot damn!

    Allez Richie!

  10. Haha the Swiss indeed look like a pissed cheese fondue street gang. :D

    And Spain's team does remind me of a bunch of astronauts there (hot ones though).

    And Rich, couldn't you have photoshopped the Worm out of that picture?!

  11. "And Rich, couldn't you have photoshopped the Worm out of that picture?!"

    Eh, figurative or literal?

  12. I miss seeing Ancic! he's so adorable!!!!!!!! haha


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