Google Down the Line!: Nole visits site of Serbia Open, entered into tourney's draw - WTF?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nole visits site of Serbia Open, entered into tourney's draw - WTF?

Novak Djokovic was spotted with father Srdjan and brother Djordje at the Gale Muskatirovic sports center, the site of the upcoming Serbia Open.

According to his site Fernando Verdasco, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Carlos Moya, Ivan Ljubicic and Radek Stepanek will most likely take part in the event along with Nole. Pete Sampras is mentioned as a promoter.

The third-ranked baller sounded pleased with the progress:

I’m pleasantly surprised how much has been done already. Everything’s going well according to the plan, which makes me happy. I can’t wait to see how everything will look, when all the work is done on April 15.
The event is scheduled to take place from May 2nd - 10th and prize money is 450,000 euros.

I still find it strange Nole will be allowed to compete in a tourney he partially owns. Isn't it a conflict of interest? Anyone??

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  1. I can only imagine how the crowd will be and "impartial" the umpire and line judges will be.

  2. That is a very interesting point, Rich! I hope someone can tell us the answer because I'd love to know, too.

  3. If I didn't love Nole, I'd say that he probably shouldn't be allowed to compete. But being honest, I wouldn't be able to be impartial in the face of his sexiness...Just putting it out there.

  4. We need to investigate this matter further although I wonder if there's even a precedent for this situation? In the past, has an actively playing baller ever bought any shares of a tourney??

    I wonder - maybe it's a question for Jon Wertheim!

  5. It is indeed an interesting question. If he's allowed to be both owner and player, will we see a lot of other players buying tournaments?

  6. *buys and sponsors "5 Hours on the Court Naked with Rafa" tournament*
    Where's my prize?! Where's my prize?! Do I get to hand him to myself???

  7. The buildings behind him in the second picture look like government housing.

  8. @ anon 5:50- it's just typical infrastructure in Balcan, it's actually just an apartment area for citizens to buy apartments and live there.We have a lot of buildings like that.

  9. Maybe Nole would donate his prize money and/or any other money he'd otherwise be paid?? Like put the money back into the tournament perhaps? Hmmmmm...

    Oh and why is the bigger question on my mind why Nole looks twice his age in these pics, and dare I say it, kinda dorky?! WTF!

  10. In first pic he totally looks dorky, but he always pulls this **I'm trying to be serious look and I'm wearing glasses** when on time off.I kinda like it.But look how hot he looks on the second pic, his walk, mmmmm, so straight and look at that legs!Love Nole.And his brother Marko as well!The kid is in Grigor's hot new generation department!


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