Google Down the Line!: Nalby knocked by rampant virus, won't compete in Davis Cup tie

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nalby knocked by rampant virus, won't compete in Davis Cup tie

The rampant virus that has struck the ATP + WTA Tour's this season has taken down another victim: David Nalbandian.

The Argentine was to compete in his country's Davis Cup tie versus the Netherlands but the virus, which effected him during his first round loss in Acapulco last week, continued to linger. Nalby could be replaced by Juan Martin del Potro in Buenos Aires this weekend.

Last week, Andy Murray was forced out of Dubai because of a virus which has bothered him since the Aussie Open; Jelena Jankovic was hit by the flu in January during the JB Group Classic in Hong Kong; and Victoria Azarenka walked away mid-match from her fourth round tussle with eventual champ Serena Williams in Oz because of sickness due to a virus.

So, what the hell is going on with this mystery virus? And more importantly how's it being spread around?? Inquiring minds would definitely like to know.

In any case ballers, wash your hands regularly, don't stick your (or anyone else's) fingers in your mouth, and above all else don't kiss anyone questionable - well, at least get their name and medical history first.

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  1. It's way to early for me. I read that as "Nalby knocked up!"

  2. Can you imagine if pregnancy was what was rampant on the tours? ATP ballers getting WTA ladies preggers??

    How scandalous!

    *begins planning ATP/WTA dating service*

  3. How do you know they're not? ;)
    I'm thinking it's more than sticking *fingers* in *mouths*. Even though that's fun, too, finger sucking. ;) All kinds of shenanigans go on behind closed, or slightly ajar, doors.

  4. I'm hoping for slightly ajar myself - not that I'm a voyeur or anything. Pinky swear.

    *trashes hi-powered telescope*

  5. Hmmm. It seems like the ATP/WTA annual orgy is coming back to haunt everyone. They really shouldn't have done that mess outdoors. In Europe. In Febuary.

  6. >>Pinky swear.<<
    Was that you? I thought it was those guys working on my house! Next time I'll wave and have the UPS man turn towards you.


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