Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Feli arrive in Benidorm, get their Davis Cup practice on

Monday, March 2, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Feli arrive in Benidorm, get their Davis Cup practice on

Rafael Nadal + Feliciano Lopez made their way to Benidorm, Spain where the Spanish Davis Cup team will battle Serbia at the Parque Tematico Tierra Mitica.

The pair practiced on the pristine red clay courts and the world's top baller found the conditions to be to his liking:

The court is perfect, and we are delighted to be in Benidorm, where we’ve been treated wonderfully. I feel great, just eager to defend my country.

Feli was also feeling good ahead of this weekend's tie:
I think we’ve had a great training session, especially for a first day. The court is real nice, the scenery is spectacular, so let’s hope all the fans back us up this weekend.
Here's some video of Rafa arriving in Alicante getting - what else? - mobbed by the media.


(images via atp tennis photos)


  1. Thank God Rafa's shorts didn't rip in that top picture...
    No, hang on a minute, what am I thinking?!
    Shaaame they diiidn't rip is of course what I meant... (;
    Bring on Davis cup!

  2. Rafa's face looks like a 9 year old boy in that pic, but that leg....THAT. LEG.

    Maybe his shorts will rip in DC?
    *sets DVR*

  3. I'm thinking by now Nike knows to design Rafa's shorts in super-stretch fabrics for obvs reasons. He's got lots to give so the shorts better take it.


  4. aaaa rafaaaaaaaaaaa
    my teenage-girl-scream at seeing Rafa, my only future husband.

  5. Rafa and F-Lo are playing soccer-tennis here, after their training session. This is something that Spanish players always do and it's real fun - there are youtube vids of that.

    You can hit the ball with your feet, legs, shoulders, head; it can bounce once from the ground and only service box counts; they play it either one-on-one or two to a side.

    Naturally, Rafa HATES to lose even at that.


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