Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Mashona arrested for suspicion of felony vandalism

Thursday, March 19, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Mashona arrested for suspicion of felony vandalism

Mashona Washington, who lost in doubles at Indian Wells on Wednesday with partner Bethanie-Mattek Sands, was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism said the Riverside Sheriff's Department.

The former top-50 lady baller was arrested on Monday at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort for charges specific to damages estimated at $5,000 or more. She posted bail of $5,000 later in the day and is scheduled to be arraigned on May 14.

WTF?! I wonder what went down in that hotel room...stay tuned.

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  1. WTF indeed Rich - Get us the scoop pronto.


  2. wow. i wanna know more.

  3. She looks so sad I actually feel sorry for her. I want to know what she actually did it must have been pretty severe.

  4. From another site:

    I sat courtside for the entire doubles match earlier in the day, and it was pretty evident that Washington was not a happy tennis player. If my memory serves me correctly, she did receive a code violation warning from the chair.

    Plus—and I plan to mention this in the next Indian Wells round-up—she was nearly fined for verbal obscenity. She caught herself right before finishing her sentence with a harsh profanity, instead saying out loud that if she kept going, she knew she was going to be fined.

    Douglas Robson of USA Today said that Washington was arrested for trashing the hotel. So unless something else comes to light, I don’t see how remotely this could be chalked up to racial discrimination. It was pretty clear just how bad of a mood Washington was in after getting beaten by the Spaniards.

  5. this woman is nuts! i was there and she did more than vandalize a hotel room. she KEYED a woman's car in the parking lot!!!!

    she is NUTS. she's a stalker. dont believe me? there is a police report filed against her in Palm Springs Indian Wells b/c of her vandalism to a vehicle belonging to a woman she suspected was sleeping with a tennis player she had been stalking.

    shes psycho


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