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Monday, March 9, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Kimmy readies for Wimbledon exo...and more?

The rumors of Kim Clijsters preparation for a return to professional tennis continue to gain steam.

The Belgian baller has been training for an exo this May celebrating and testing out the new roof over Wimbledon's Centre Court with Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Tim Henman. Apparently the training has been more intense than one would think for an exo, according to The Times online:

Word reaches the Net Post that the Belgian former world No 1, who 'retired' from the game in May 2007 is putting in an awful lot more court time and rigorous training that would usually be associated with preparing for an exhibition - even one as momentous as that on Wimbledon's Centre Court in May. Clijsters is in the field for the Raising the Roof event at the All England Club with Tim Henman, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf but we hear the 2005 US Open champion has been playing for six hours a day some four times a week with a coach and trainer at hand. That's a lot of court time for a bit of hit and giggle.

Kimmy is only 25-years old which is still young for a lady baller and she seems to have her personal life in order now that she's been married and has a child. Plus, I wonder if her training and thoughts of a possible comeback have anything to do with the passing of her father, Lei, from lung cancer this past January? It might be helping her to get through the grieving process. Who knows.

In any case, Kimmy would be a welcomed return.

(via, image via The Age)


  1. Hit and giggle? I think I played that this weekend. ;)
    It would be great to see Kimmy back, but I don't have my hopes up. Maybe she's training hard because ANY match is important to her. You never know.

  2. I don't have my hopes up either. Every time Henin hits the tennis court for a little hit people go crazy thinking she's about to come back to the tour.

    I would love to see Kimmy come back, but I think she's either training for the exo or just playing to stay in shape.

  3. I would love to see Kimmy coming back!! That would be the greatest thing for women tennis right now!
    Come back Kim!!

  4. "Hit and giggle? I think I played that this weekend."

    it's more like 'hit and berate self' for me. i need to get to 'hit and giggle' again *sigh*

    I'm holding my breath for her return because I liked her a lot (though her mental fragility could drive anyone batty.) And, between the two of them, she's be the one more likely to come back. Juju's been very vocal in the press about not returning but not a peep from Kimmy. Hmmmm....

  5. I .. miss .. her! I doubt it's for a serious return, but I can dream can't I?

  6. >>it's more like 'hit and berate self' for me. i need to get to 'hit and giggle' again *sigh*<<
    Oh! You mean tennis! Sorry, I was talking about other forms of sporting activities. ;)

    Well, if it's all about tennis, I can paint lines with my backhand, that is, when I'm not spraying it 6 feet long. But Kimmy...she's got to play opposite Steffi Graf. That gives her good reason to practice 6 hours a day. Hey Richie, how about you and I playing Andre and Steffi instead? How's your serve?

  7. I wasnt even a fan but it would be amazing to see her back. We have lost so mnay good players in the last couple of years and the current top 10 just doesnt do it for me we need some of our big stars back. The Williams sisters and Masha cant carry tennis on their own.

  8. pamela: i'm sayin' dream it - you never know and why not???

    natch: HA! I should've known it wasn't about tennis. I think I'd shake in my Clark boots if I stood across the net from either one. Hell, if I stood across the net from Anna K I'd be scared, though speaking of serves mine is good. It's not overpowering (being waifish and all) but the placement is good and I have a reliable kick for my second.

    I'm ready!

    *books trip to Wimby for me + natch*

    sarah: i'm ready for someone, ANYONE, to burst out and become a big star on the Tour. I want a fresh face, someone with heart and fight to break out. The WTA Tour's biggest storylines recently? Shahar Peer + Shrieka's return. Where's all the exciting news about actual matches or tourneys? *yawn*

    Sure the Williams sisters have been winning everything out there, but that's not even exciting news because it's a given since the Tour is so sad right now. It's like, Who else is going to win these things?

  9. You're on, Richie! It's you and me against Steffi and Andre. The winning team gets Rafa! How's that for incentive?;)
    Anna K. doesn't scare me at all. Watching Andy Roddick play so poorly (mentally) in DC, I was thinking *I* could beat him just by out-thinking him on court.
    I've got a great service game, too. Just like my backhand, I go for angles and lines. I double fault more than I'd like, but I still win most of my matches. My biggest bonus is I learned to play with a man, so I mostly play men (pun intended) and usually smoke women. Uhmmmm...but none of my matches have been against Steffi and Andre.

    I agree with you that the women's game is so boring now. I had my heart set on Dinara Safina, but she's proving to be a bust so far this year.

  10. Oh Kimmy plese please please come back! She is the sweetest girl in all of the world (I have met her several times working at the tournie in Sydney so I know what i'm talking about) and she would do so much for the WTA. I'll be praying for her return now until she is back

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. She just only recently called herself a "stay at home mom". so yeah. comeback? no

  13. Ouch. hee hee
    Hola, RiCHie sweetie! I'd like to see Kim back in the game. How you been RiCH? I've had my hands full thees past weeks trying to keep my Bro Rascal, El Bribon, alive after his congestive heart failure episode lately. You can read about my trials and tribulations on mi blog so I don't have to go into detail here, k?

    Contessa ChiChi


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