Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Is Shrieka planning to withdraw from Miami?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

(UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Is Shrieka planning to withdraw from Miami?

Maria Sharapova's stylish comeback may have been short-lived.

According to Maria Sharapova Blog, the Russian fashionista is rumored to be pulling out of the main singles draw at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. During her Indian Wells post-match presser, she stated she could only practice for 4 straight days before needing a day of rest and would only return to full-time singles play once she could go 6 to 7 days straight of practice. It may have been wishful thinking.

This sucks - the WTA Tour is really struggling without her presence and I'm really struggling to watch the ladies play at all. Oh well, I guess Shrieka will have some time now to work on the pilot for the MTV show she's looking to produce.

UPDATE: It's official - Shrieka's out. It keeps getting suckier.


  1. Yes, the WTA is definitly struggling right now...I am just waiting for an up and comer to break through...hopefully that is Aggie Radwanska!

  2. Aaron: I've been looking towards Vika for a breakthrough soon. It could be here or Miami, but def on some big hardcourt tourney.

    I can see Aggie breaking through on the clay since her game is much more about placement and consistency rather than hitting through the court and power.

    I guess we'll see!

  3. The WTA is definitely struggling!
    As if it wasn't bad enough that Shrieka is m.i.a., now all the other top players (JJ, Elena D, Kuzzy, Ana and Dina) couldn't get their game together if their life depended on it!

  4. Observation: Azarenka shrieks as much as Masha.

  5. Azarenka is louder than Maria, and Michelle Larcher De Brito is right up there with them both.

    Everyone is speculating about Maria.

  6. On the bright side, the W sisters are going to be in Miami. Let's pray for the opposite side of the draw, shall we?

    And we'll have Vika, the Radwanska sisters and Caroline Wozniaki. Hopefully they'll be some form of rivalry brewing.

    I personally am loving the younger Radwanska. She's emotional on the court, loves smashing rackets. What do you guys and girls think?


  7. Michelle can def bring the noise - she's right up there with Shrieka on the richter scale.

    Miami: Yes, I'm hoping they're on the opposite side too. It's the least the draw gods can give us with the whole WTA Tour torn up right now.

    I haven't seen Urzula play much so I can't say too much about her. But her results have been pretty nice and she def has more power and more fight than big sis.

    I still think Vika is due for something big. Who knows? Could be at IW.

  8. I just wanted to say that I think Maria looks very beautiful in this picture. Normally I'm not always a fan of her looks but she looks great here.

  9. she looks gorgeous here! O.O


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