Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: IMG reportedly shutters Tennis Week magazine after 35 years

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: IMG reportedly shutters Tennis Week magazine after 35 years

So long Tennis Week magazine.

Last year IMG, the mega sports marketing agency who bought the mag, were reportedly considering its viability after publisher Randy Master left and returned to the Tennis Channel.

Now comes word today the mag has indeed folded after 35 years:

Tennis Week Magazine has folded after 35 years of publication, has learned. Founded in 1974 by Eugene L. Scott, a former US Davis Cup player who was once ranked within the world top 15, the magazine was acquired by IMG in December of 2006, seven months after Scott’s death. It has been through a series of publishers since then and apparently, was unable to generate much cash, a big no-no when it comes to IMG’s philosophy of profit or perish. There is now word yet on whether its web site will continue to publish.
A sad day for Tennis Week mag but certainly not unexpected in these harsh economic times. Media + publishing have been one of the hardest hit since advertisers have tightened their belts tremendously. With readers turning to websites and blogs in greater numbers, many high-profile influential pubs are trying to understand how to utilize their online presence more effectively. Plus, I don't know a single person who actually read Tennis Week or even knew where to get it.

As I said last year after hearing the rumors, IMG would be smart to stick to the web which, in my opinion, is where it's happening for our sport. has a unique brand identity and seems to have a good mix of content including tennis news, sidebar "off-court" stories, editorial, and video.

(image via Tennis Week)


  1. Ah, too bad. I'm starting to wonder about Tennis Magazine too - I don't think it's sold an ad in that thing since mid 2008! I'm guessing web-only is in its future, too. Makes sense, given that by the time the mag comes out, the cover's usually outdated. . .

  2. Agreed Rich, the web is not only it for tennis commentary, but i watch 90 per cent of tennis matches on the web, due to poor t.v. coverage. I don't think i ever watched a Davis Cup tie until last year, because its never ever on t.v. here.

  3. on another magic v aka tabasco stepping out with caroline w?! check out photo 12:

  4. Speaking of the web being where its at for tennis. The N.Y.T., is confirming Cahill will NOT be coaching Feds.

  5. Really Neil? That's a little surprising to me. Federer NEEDS a coach, although I'm always hoping Rafa trounces him whenever they meet just because it's Rafa. I still want Fed to do well though.

  6. That is too bad for Tennis Week, but it definitely wasn't the magazine Gene Scott started at the end. As a matter of fact, it was pretty ridiculous. I almost hated seeing it come in the mail! I had been reading TW for years and was sad to see the direction it had taken. I started looking at it in college from snagging copies from the teams' coaches. It used to be really good. And Richard Evans is the man! I hope someone picks him up.

  7. I've been thinking for a while that TENNIS mag is in a precarious sitch too. Last year I wrote about this super-skinny issue (I think it was August or Sept).

    It's tough because like everyone is saying by the time the mag reaches your mailbox it's old.

    It's a tough for the print pubs right now but I like magazines and newspapers. I like being able to bring them with me, on the subway or on the plane. So, hopefully the industry will figure out a good formula.

  8. It;s sad that the publication closed. Its the kids who want read about Tennis and hang pictures on there walls so they can be like there hero;s. We all know Tennis is a Grueling Sport. And when we train for its ever more Grueling!
    So if I where a Kid i want to hang my favorite Tennis Player Picture on wall too! I am a starving Artist that fell in LOVE with the game and Now I am using my Tennis certification to help other Improve with there game! Thanks, Usnta Tennis Intructor Rita Ferdinando

  9. OK, let's face it IMG ruined Tennis Week right from the start..Features on hair styles??? Did anyone really care about what hair products Ashley Harkelroad uses??? Tennis week was what the insiders read, people in the business and true tennis fans treated it like the bible. Yes, the internet has hurt many publications, but please keep the online version going. Gene and Carole are turning in their graves!

  10. I loved TW when it was under Scott's leadership, the commentary, while controversial at times was spot on.

    When IMG took it over, I had to tear off the cover when I took it in to a local sub shop for lunch. Looked like a glam mag. No substance thanks to IMG. Oh well. At least they paid Polly some $$$ for it.


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