Google Down the Line!: Kimmie shocks no one, officially announces return to tennis action

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kimmie shocks no one, officially announces return to tennis action

Amidst weeks of swirling rumors, Kim Clijsters officially announced her return to the WTA Tour today in Bree, Belgium after nearly two years away.

The former top lady baller told the press she's ready for what lies ahead:

The hunger is back. I look forward to the challenge. I want to be back at my peak as soon as possible, but I know that is not logical to ask that. I will have to take it match by match.

She also revealed how the idea of a full-time return came about:

It all started with preparing for the gala match at Wimbledon. It was all pretty laid back. But I liked it so much I was onto my training schedule from my pro days, and then the hunger for more came automatically.

But Kimmie's not calling it a comeback saying, "I look at this as a second career, not as a comeback, as I am now in a situation where not everything revolves around tennis 24 hours a day. We'll see how I, Jada and the others in my environment can handle this."

The Belgian baller won the U.S. Open, her only Grand Slam, in 2005 before retiring in 2007 due to injury and her desire to begin a family with husband Brian Lynch. The couple had a daughter, Jade Ellie, in 2008.

Her schedule this year includes:

May 17 - A Centre Court Celebration (Wimbledon)
(exhibition singles match against Steffi Graf, then exhibition mixed doubles match partnering Tim Henman against Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi)

June 14 - Ordina Open ('s-Hertogenbosch)

(exhibition singles match against Michaella Krajicek)

July 21-22 - WorldTeamTennis (with St. Louis Aces)

August 10 - Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open (Cincinnati)

August 17 - Rogers Cup (Toronto)

August 31 - US Open (New York)

December 10-13 - Diamond Games, Antwerp (exhibition)

I'm sure Kimmie looked at the state of the WTA Tour (read: lame) and figured she could come back, eat up some titles and make some cash with little resistance. But no pressure - it's just good to have her back!

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  1. Yay, Kimmie!
    I hope she does well.

  2. Rich, do you think that her comeback will be more successful than Hingis' comeback was before it fell apart and ended in shame?

  3. I do actually. Her mental game was always suspect but she has the chops to take on these girls right now. Marty was still missing that aggressive stance and power when she came back and couldn't overcome the humps...or is it bumps?

    Kimmie will need to get fit if she's aiming for the top. If she's just looking to win here and there and "do her best" she should be fine.

  4. >>when she came back and couldn't overcome the humps...or is it bumps?<<
    I think it was LINES. ;)

    I just don't want her to come back for 30 seconds, realize it's too hard, and then drop out again. She's young enough that she could spend another five yrs or so (at the top) on tour.

  5. "I think it was LINES."

    I think it was VIALS.

    I agree with you there. I can't wait to watch her athleticism on court. I bet she'll be Top 10 in no time - no pressure Kimmie really!!!

  6. OMG...are you expecting me to do Kimmie-splits when we play Steffi and Andre? I've never done those in shoes before.

  7. Is she getting a divorce? No mention of her husband... just Jada. Hmmm....

  8. natch: Well of course. Get your splits on. But really, never in shoes? It's def better for traction and you won't fall out of bed and hit the side table. Never fun.

    anon: Yeah she doesn't mention him in her statement but mentions Jada and the people around her. Stay tuned!

  9. Oh god I have to be dreaming! I am so so happy Kimmy is coming back wow i'm lost for words. I think she will do much better than Martina who had to work so hard for every match. I'm praying 'Aussie Kim' comes back to Australia next year


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