Google Down the Line!: JD's hard work paying off, takes on new sponsorships including Lacoste

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

JD's hard work paying off, takes on new sponsorships including Lacoste

Although she had been working Fila as recently as Indian Wells, Jelena Dokic has officially signed on with Lacoste. The Aussie baller wore the new gear during her brief stint in Miami where she lost to Caroline Wozniacki in the second round.

Her new deal with the French brand is estimated to be potentially close to $4.4 million over three years. JD's also now being represented by IMG, has entered into a lucrative arrangement with Aussie budget airliner Jetstar, and will be renegotiating her deal with Wilson.

After toiling in tennis oblivion for year, I bet it feels really good to have these types of sponsorships back. The hard work is paying off. Let's hope, though, JD gets some rest. Her recent results, including an early loss to Jill Craybas at Indian Wells and the Wozzi one in Miami, have been pretty shaky.

But at least she's looking good in those new Lacoste duds now!

(via women's tennis blog)


  1. Rich-

    I love your tennis analysis but your taste in chicas is not there--understandably so--sonrisas :).

    I love the Dokic story and I think her game is pretty solid but her FBB(Female Belly Bump) aint very hot. I'm just trying to incorporate a little Title IX equity here on Down the Line. If you're gonna diss Vinny Spadea(who's old) and my boy Nalbandian you have to recognize that Jelena needs to purchase the ABROLLER! Take care amigo.

  2. Nate W - Touche! Yes she has a slight belly bump there but I was more focused on the her new Lacoste sponsorship and the others. Good one!!

  3. Not many wafer thin ladies at the top of the charts. Nice sponsorship for Jelena I agree.

  4. I agree...she's too young to have a belly bump. As old as I am at 41 trying to get rid off/control mine she has no excuse!

  5. Yo Rich, I like your sense of humor, if you can't take it you can't dish it out. Man, I am a sucka for Lacoste Gear, I love it. Too bad most of their stuff costs as much as a new racquet. Fortunately, when we go to Venezuela I can pick up the shit duty free for like $20 per polo shirt, I should really start a business out of my garage but I'm sure Sarkozy would be after me quick.

    To Karin, what lady baller in the top 10 has a FBB? I don't think any of them do unless Frumy Bartoli is in the top 10. One might argue and say Serena is flabby but I'm thinking she's a brickhouse. If you listen to as much hip hop as I do those rappers complement her booty more than J-Lo. Realistically old Marion Bartoli doesn't have an excuse to be fat, I figured her psycho papa would have conjured up some method for her to drop pounds. Did you hear about his experiment with the tennis balls on the heels of her feet? I'm sure that girl needs lots of Psychoanalysis after that.

    Sorry for the rant, I'm just killin time before I call it a day in the insurance world.

  6. That may just be an unfortunate angle for Jelena. I don't see her as having the same weight issues as Kleybanova or Bartoli. But she sure can work more on her fitness. It may help boost her results. I'm a fan and I'm glad you gave her a spot on your blog posts today, Rich. Good on her to land those endorsements.

  7. She's pregnant! The Worm was in Melbourne!


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