Google Down the Line!: INSTANT REPLAY: A look back at the week's top tennis plays

Sunday, March 8, 2009

INSTANT REPLAY: A look back at the week's top tennis plays

(Rafael Nadal, Benidorm)

Boris getting married
Weekend Winners: Nole, Mardy, Nico, Venus
The Spanish boys arrive in Benidorm
VANtage Point: Davis Cup edition
Tennishead's in my head
Guess the baller behind the shirt
Lindsay's laps of luxury
Speed Lesson #2: the return
BJK talks BJK Cup, ReRe tops V
Inside JJ's Orbit
Rampant virus strikes again
Stick it to Rafa's belly
Why do rich people get free stuff?
Regal Rog does Nationale Suisse
Nole visits Serbia Open
Nice smile, nicer abs
Fed + Cahill team up on "trial" basis gets a touch up
Gilles in Wonderland, can work a racquet like nothing
Gearing up for Davis Cup
Give me my money shot!
NaturAna talks tennis with Cicma
JJ + LeftSide get worked out (poor RightSide)
Shrieka's rumored withdrawal from IW, to play doubles only
ATP World Tour gives back to tourneys
K-Swiss nets Anna K
ReRe and ass-ets get Jimmy drunk (sorta)
Nothing to do but practice I guess
Viktor all tangled up...with himself?

+NETCORDS: Wednesday

(image via getty)


  1. I just commented on that Rafa picture with the physio over on Nadalnews.
    I find it intimate and very sensual...
    Is it me, or does the fact that Rafa has bare feet make him look...almost naked...? be that physio...

  2. Nice choice of picture,Rich!:)))
    Do you hate the physio today much or much?:)

  3. ps.I imagined physio work to be a boring and all work no and like not quite like that :))) I want that job, now!!Besides being Xisca this is quite the job to have!

  4. Bloody hell, why did I question Van? I blame Gilles for this (still love him though.)

    I'm off to live in my favorite place: Denial. :)

  5. CC: bare feel, bare legs, bare arms - it's we'll take what we can get I suppose.

    maja: i've been told i can't *die* anymore since i keep coming back - it's not fair apparently! but it's not my fault - blame rafa for killing me. *dies with maja*

    tessa: much much

  6. sara: I told you Sneaky didn't know where he was or what the hell he was doing! the bed head gave it away.

  7. holy cow....this photo is so hot, especially since rafa is bare foot; i have such a thing for guys with hot feet and to have them pressed against my chest...well...lets just say that physio better appreicate what he is doing...ugh

  8. Dayum. I was looking that pic without the watermark everywhere!

    *gives props to Rich*

  9. HA! it's good to have access to Getty!!

    It's interesting they would want Getty to shoot the team getting stretched out. Not that I'm complaining of course.

    Maybe they're documenting for some reason...hmmmm.

  10. Look how blissfully relaxed Rafa is. Shiatsu meets zen.

  11. Anon @ 7:30: I agree. I think it's the relaxation/ "this is my life" aspect of the photo that makes it seem so intimate.

  12. For a moment there I thought it was Ivan Ljubicic working Rafa. LOL

    Anyway, now that Rafa apparently knows how to do that... stretching stuff... can he please do that to me? Sans clothes??

  13. you know, its tough to notice anything but Rafa in this picture upon your initial viewing, but take a look at the physio; I wonder what he is staring at or what is going through his mind during this stretch session; does he go to a happy place or is he in his happy place :)

  14. GAH!
    Rafa legs! Rafa legs!!!!
    *runs around in cirlcles*
    *pulls hair out*

  15. terry lee: it looks like he's about to enter his happy place...and so is Rafa.

    natch: if i didn't know any better i'd say it was you dressed up (or down) as a bald male therapist stretching out Rafa. i mean you've *flown to spain* how many times now. you must've broken through at least once during those "trips". confess!

  16. Oh Richie...if that was me, neither Rafa or myself would be clothed...and the two of us would have big smiles on our faces...AND...we would be waving to you (just like I promised.)


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