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Thursday, March 12, 2009

FASHION FIX: Sorana crushed in doubs but wins style game at Indian Wells

Sorana Cirstea + doubles partner Galina Voskoboeva had a short but not so sweet time at Indian Wells. The pair were crushed by the American pairing of Bethanie Mattek-Sands + Mashona Washington 6-2, 6-2. Maybe the 32nd seeded Romanian will have better luck in singles when she battles Russian Elena Vesnina in the second round.

I'm liking these adidas duds Sorana is wearing here. She's working the Winter Adilibria Cap-Sleeve ($40) in White with the Winter Adilibria Skort ($40) also in White. The top features some great feminine detailing to add texture including a squared off scoop neck with pintuck pleat details, puff cap sleeves, ribbon detail along the bustline, extra long length with a fitted waist for a bloussant effect while the skort (still don't love them) showcases nice pleating. The Cap-Sleeve also comes in Neon Yellow which could've looked great against the Romanian's dark features actually.

It's certainly a much better design than the Adilibria Dress Ana Ivanovic has been wearing FOREVER. Why didn't they just have Ana wear this outfit just to mix up her styles?

Anyway, nice choice for Sorana.

(image via getty)


  1. Whaaa??First time for me to even see that Sorana girl, and she kinda looks like Ivanovic!
    Now I googled her, and she wears the same training clothes and some match dresses as Ana, and they quite look-a-like.
    Great stuff, another really good looking girl on tour.

  2. "Why didn't they just have Ana where this outfit just to mix up her styles?"

    Er Rich, might want to fix that.

    I agree on the duds. It's something I would wear.

  3. tessa: yes could be ana's evil or nice twin. we'll find out at some point i'm sure - then i'll have to blog about it i guess.

    babz: thanks - that's what i get for blogging at during my dog's vet appt! yes, it's feminine and kinda sexy too, no?

  4. I like that dress. It's way better than some of the outfits on the WTA Tour!

    @ Tessa and RiCH - Glad I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance to Ana! I've been thinking that for a while now.

  5. Which one is having vet appt? Is he ok? Kisses.

    I'd wear that off court, actually. Flip flops, stone necklace.. Damn. Is it sold here?

    Maybe I can wear it to walk my dogs (my version of exercise).

  6. sally - right? it's pretty without trying too hard.

    babz: it was my girl chloe. she'll prob need surgery on her back right leg. it's basically a torn ACL from some playing in a dog run here. plus, she's older (11) so it's not a huge surprise but i hate to see her limping. *sad face*

  7. I really like the look of this, even though it's white, which I find boring. I don't like the big elastic band around the hip. I don't like the poof around the shoulders. I usually hate cap sleeves, but this angle is not too severe, so it's okay.
    If they can take off the band, de-poof the shoulders, and make it in a primary color, I'll wear it at our match against Steffi and Andre! (Got my tickies confirmed this morning-Yay!)

  8. agreed - i thought the neon yellow would've been better on against her olive-y skin.

    OMG - i thought you were kidding about the wimby exo? you're going for real natch???

  9. Poor baby Chloe. Give her some extra pets and kisses from me.

    You know, I have the same skin tone as this girl and Ana, and I have never thought of it as olive. That's pretty funny. I guess I've never assigned myself a coloring. I'll ask my kids today in class what color I am, and hope they don't say marine blue! :D

    I have my tix, but don't have any idea yet if I can go or not. I probably won't know until a few weeks before. Wait, wait...of course I'm going--you better, too...we're the opening act! ;)

  10. natch: thanks. HA! As long as your kids don't say pasty pink you're fine i think.

    Oh yes, we are - should we wear this outfit then? I'm def wearing the neon yellow option with the beige skirt, being brown and all it should look hot. hopefully rafa will be watching - xisca has nothing on me in drag!

  11. Richie,
    You know how I hate the color pink? Trust me, there is NO pink at ALL in my skin! It would be too afraid to show itself! ;) Pasty, on the other hand...

    Yes, we'll both wear the outfit! No, you'll look better than me. I really like Amelie Mauresmo's red number. I'll wear that, but if Rafa is's all coming off.

  12. If you guys are playing, I'm watching.
    *starts making some outrageous spectator signs*

    "xisca has nothing on me in drag!"

    I never doubted!

    Kisses to Chloe. Tell her she's not a spring chicken anymore!

  13. i actually saw sorana wearing ana's purple outfit in one tourney before the aussie open. i also saw pics of ana in a yellow top in her presser for IW. it's the same top as the one that caro wozniacki wears on court but it looked a whole lot better on ana, must be because of her olive skin. hopefully ana considers wearing this all-white outfit during wimby.


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