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Friday, March 13, 2009

FASHION FIX: Shrieka's stylish return to tennis, defeated in doubles action at Indian Wells

She's baaack! Well, kinda of course.

Maria Sharapova made her long-awaited return to tennis action at Indian Wells yesterday after seven months on injured reserve for a balky right shoulder. The Russian glamazon teamed up with compatriot Elena Vesnina for doubles but the wildcard pair were narrowly defeated by Ekaterina Makarova + Tatiana Poutchek, 6-1, 4-6, 10-7.

Afterwards, Shrieka told the press she was anxious to see how her shoulder would hold up and what she was hoping to achieve in her return:

It feels very good to be back, I just wanted to test it out. I started training a couple of months ago. I just wanted to... test it out in a match situation and get a little different scenery than the practice court and play in front of the crowd, so that was exciting.

The main goal for here was just to get out there and be in that atmosphere again. The hump I've got to get through right now is to put together two weeks of coming out to the court and playing two or three sets every day, and doing that for seven or eight days in a row. Right now I'm able to do maybe three days or four days and then I have to take it easy on the fifth.

The 21-year old was also asked about the next steps in her recovery. "I'm done with setting a timetable for myself. Those days are over," said Shrieka. Alrighty then.

I LOVE these new Nike duds Shrieka was wearing in her match. She has one of the best eyes for style on the court and this ensemble is quite fitting for her: a simple cream tank paired with an elegant high-waisted gauzy skirt in a pale yellow-green colorway featuring a gathered waistband. Quite the stylish return indeed.

These pieces don't seem to be part of Nike's Spring/Summer '09 collection so I'm thinking they were specially designed with Shrieka in mind. I'll be sure to let you know if they do eventually become available for purchase.

In any case, welcome back Shrieka. You've been sorely missed!

(images via ap)


  1. awww..Cute esemble..How i missed her.
    Welcome back Maria.U really were missed.Now don't go breaking that shoulder again.

  2. I'm glad she's back in action. I definitely missed her more than I expected!
    The outfit though...well, I'm glad she's back!

  3. Totally agree with you Rich. When I first saw the pictures of Maria in Indian Wells, I was like wooooww!! What a beautiful dress, and it's def not from the Nike Spring Collection. Typical Maria, always wearing exclusive things. I'm also looking forward to Miami, see how she does in singles. Great blog by the way!

  4. i wonder if she was sharapova-grunting during that doubles match...
    just a thought.

    anyway, its great to see her back oncourt :D

  5. I love the dress. But I always wondered why Nike won't make the sleeve part closer to the edge of the shoulders - will make hers look more proportionate. *shrug*

  6. Other than Williams' maria is my other favorite player. She brings a tanacity that is so great l!!

  7. Other than Williams', Maria is another one of my favs. She is aggresive and determined. I love to see that.

  8. I love the new dress! Beautiful colors and materials.

  9. I feel like I must live in some alternative where I look at this monstrosity and see shades of Maria Kirilenko's hideous 'bloomer' style dress for the awful Stella McCartney for Adidas line or whatever, down to the truly ugly waist-line band.

    There's being fashionably different - and then... there is this. Cheap, nasty and guano coloured...

    And ignoring the skirt/sack completely, the top is completely unflattering.

  10. I love the new outfit. Its so feminine and elegant unlike so many of the other outfits out there. Its quite similar to the Stalla line from Adidas which Im also a fan of. I love that maria has these individual outfits made with her input. They allow her to express her creative side and love of all things fashion. This outfit is yet another winner in the style stakes.

  11. Hi there. Confimrd. Maria's lovely new number will unfortunately not be available to us mere mortal players. Too bad!


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