Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Serena grounds Alexa, goes overkill with orange

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FASHION FIX: Serena grounds Alexa, goes overkill with orange

Serena Williams is trying to make history again here in Miami and the defending champ got off to a fine start.

The top lady baller, who will hold the record for the most Sony Ericsson Open titles by winning for the sixth time here, defeated teenage compatriot Alexa Glatch 6-2, 6-3 in a 63-minute mismatch. She'll face China's Shuai Peng in the next round.

ReRe debuted some new Nike duds as well in her first match. She was working the Serena Dri-FIT Sony Ericsson Women's Tennis Tank Top in orange paired with what looks like Nike Woven Pleated Tennis Skirt in orange (can someone confirm?). ReRe also busted out a colorful, iridescent-looking satchel on-court:

I'm really not into the whole matchy moment here. I mean, this orange is a great color when used as an accent here 'n there to add pop but now she looks like a walking, ground-stroke slapping popsicle. That being said, the bright orange does play well against her darker complexion and the brightness fits Miami.

Now this shade of orange doesn't work on everybody, but ReRe can def pull it off. Just don't wear it head to toe people. I BEG of you.

(images via getty)


  1. Oh I didn't realize that was a tank and skirt when I saw pics yesterday...thought it was a dress HA! The orange looks good on her but the cut of the top almost looks like it's an orange tube top paired over a white tank. Wow I'm all kinds of confused.

    Hey Rich I just saw that both Safina and Ivanovic are OUT. W.T.F. Seriously.

  2. Yeah I like the orange but all of it together is like "whoa!"

    Wow they're out - color me NOT shocked of course. Countdown to Kimmie's return????

  3. I like it for Miami ONLY. I think the colors are a good contrast to the purple of the courts and festive for Miami. She shouldn't wear it at any other tournament, though :-)

  4. i absolutely love it. but i love anything she wears. now if she was wearing an orange headband too, i'd hate it.

  5. I like it, because of the color. She looks best in simple things in my opinion, like the white pleated skirt and violet shirt last year at Miami.

    Jelena, Dinara, and Ana - all out. Ridiculous!

  6. ReRe needs to stick to v-necks or low scoop necks--she's not accentuating or flaunting the curves in the tube top with ugly straps thing. The orange with white and a tiny bit of blue--and pleated skirt--make it look like a cheerleader uniform from afar. Ugh!

  7. it grew on me, now i love it...and the bag


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