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Sunday, March 15, 2009

FASHION FIX: Rog officially returns, goes minimalist + monochromatic at Indian Wells

Maybe Roger Federer is downsizing during these tough times too - fashionably anyway.

The Swiss stylist played his first match since the Aussie Open final defeating Frenchie Marc Gicquel 7-6(4), 6-4 in the third round at Indian Wells. The 3-time champ won 92% of his first serve points and will face a dangerous test in the thin desert air when he faces huge-serving Croat Ivo Karlovic in the fourth round. Scary.

Fed looks to be getting more minimal + monochromatic this season. Gone (for now) is his ubiquitous preppy polo moment and in its place is a the simple Nike Spring V-Neck Top ($60) in dark obsidian navy with white. It's paired with the Nike Spring Woven Short ($45) he wore in Oz but instead of white he's opted for the dark obsidian navy colorway with white side stripe.

There's even a sneaky striped belt underneath to tie it all together.

There's nothing tricky here but the 13-time Grand Slammer could probably wear a racquet bag and make it look stylish. This outfit is no exception.

Clean + classic all the way.

(images via ap, getty, tennis warehouse)


  1. I love this outfit. I, for one, am glad to see Federer wear a non-collared shirt for once. Federer looks good. Just like you said Rich, clean and classic all the way.

  2. Fed looks good as always but the first time I saw this no-collared look it felt wrong.

    He can work anything but really
    Fed-collar=not ok

    P.S. is it me or does he look kind of old in the first pic?

  3. jennifer: yeah, he's pretty good in the style department, that's what they say anyway.

    sara: HA - change ain't easy!!! He's 28 in tennis years, which in human years is like 1000 I think.

    *checks age conversion chart*

    yup - it's true.

  4. No, no, no! This just isn't right!
    Fed = polo-shirt! End of story!
    First nike is putting sleeves on Rafa and now they're taking the collar from Fed? What's next? Will they let Masha play in the same dress as others?*shudders* [/rant]

  5. Maja, Maria already plays in the same dress as others.

  6. anon: good catch thanks!

    maja: trying to shake things up perhaps - fed's getting more casual while rafa's getting more dressed up. just put the guys in skirts and the girls in short and we'll be all good. just no skorts for ANYONE - please!

  7. Yikes! I don't wanna see Bartoli in any of Shrieka's dresses ever again!

    Rich, Masha already played in those fug shorts in Wimby, LOL!
    So who will be the first guy to play in a skirt?

    Murray perhaps? Maybe he will show up wearing a traditional kilt in Wimbledon...

    Or Nole the peacock will drop his shorts once and for all and pick up one of Masha's skirts while she's m.i.a? LOL!

  8. He looks great.I like men in v-necked Ts. It looks casual from a distance then the sneaky belt puts it all together for the classic Federer look.

    Love it and love him.Just not nearly as much as i love

  9. maja: MURRAY MURRAY!!! But only if he's playing doubs with Rossie. Rossie will be the real attraction - especially in a skirt. And no shirt. Screw it. No skirt either. Nude. Very nude.

    *pictures nude Rossie on Wimby grass, dies*
    *is reborn to blog again*

    ahhh, i'm telling you death is SO worth it.

  10. The belt is cool, the rest is snoozeville.

    Not a huge surprise.

  11. I don't think there was ever a time where I didn't like a Fed outfit. It seems so effortless with him.

  12. I love this outfit they way I love all of his outfits. He is always to classic, simple and chic. No one matches him in the style stakes on or off the court.

  13. I loved the outfit. It fit him really well and made his body look spectacular. Now, let's get back to more important matters -- how hot did Rafa's ass look today? I mean DAMN! Let's dedicate a weekly worship day to that!

  14. Narik, I second that!

  15. NOt awful - but kind of reminds me of scrubs. Prefer the preppy polo, for sure!

  16. "The belt is cool, the rest is snoozeville."

    I second that, Neil.

  17. Not good. Reminds vaguely of Fish outfit, only tighter. Belt is nice, but incongruous, because it's preppy and the rest is more casual. The whole monochromatic colarless thing does look like scrubs or jammies (white borders).

    Federer looks haggard-faced and, yes, old.

  18. classy!but what else is new?if its FED it must be! =)

  19. I think Roger is sick on the pic, he never look like that; something is wrong,I'm worried


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