Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa crushes Teimuraz, goes back to polo-wearing ways (WTF?)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa crushes Teimuraz, goes back to polo-wearing ways (WTF?)

Rafael Nadal made a solid start to his campaign towards his first Sony Ericsson Open title and another shot at the Indian Wells-Miami double last night.

The world's top baller swept aside Russian Teimuraz Gabashvili 6-2, 6-2 in the second round and only dropped five points on his first serve. Gawdy much? Up next: Portuguese qualifier Federico Gil.

So it seems Rafa has returned to his much-maligned polo shirt wearing ways in Miami and I'm sure the Rafanatics will have a few things to say about it (like, duh.) Take thee to the comments section!

In the meantime, let's get back to his on-court fashion: the 6-time Grand Slammer is working the Nike Dri-FIT Sunny Men's Tennis Polo Shirt in white/yellow/mint green and the Dri-FIT Bold Open Men's Tennis Shorts in white tied together with mint green head and wrist bands.

I deflove this color combo but I'm not sure moving Rafa towards a buttoned-up polo look is the way to go without adding more punch and Raflair with bolder graphics or designs. The color-block short-sleeve shirts he's been wearing lately were a good compromise but this style is moving him towards *cough* Swiss territory. Egads!

BONUS: In addition to the Bold Open Men's Tennis Shorts in white he's wearing now, check out the rest of the duds the World No.1 will be sporting as he goes for a fifth consecutive Roland Garros crown including the Nadal French Open Men's Tennis Polo Shirt in white + grey, Nike Reversible Men's Tennis Hoody, and the Bold Open Men's Tennis Shorts in black!


UPDATE: Lots o' questions in the comments on this pink colorway of the polo Rafa was supposed to be wearing at Roland Garros. There's always a chance for a last minute switch-a-roo (wouldn't be the first time, huh?).

Let's keep everything crossed it makes it into his kit and I'll post if it gets confirmed. Thanks to an anonymous reader for the images!

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  1. Don't like the polo, don't like the colours.
    About his French open outfit: Really like the white shirt. But I thought he would be wearing a pink one on Roland Garros. What's happening with the backside pocket? Don't like it. I can't think of the right word to describe it but I'm sure someone else will ;)

  2. I don't like the polo, still think the collar looks weird and uncomfortable.
    Looking at the new gear I wish the shirts were collar less, like the jacket and *flove* the shorts (including back pocket). The rafarse will look fantastic in those!!!
    Was it just me or did the clothes yesterday look too big? The shorts AND the shirt weren't as tight as usual...
    Either Rafa really HAS lost weight or NIKE gave him a size too big. OMG, what if he's wasting away?!
    *sobs again*

  3. sabine: I know, I saw the pink version of the polo as early as last december I think (maybe earlier) but I don't think they're going with that colorway.

    But of course it's always subject to change and the whims of these ballers so he could pull a RG surprise and bust out the pink.

    I, for one, would LOVE to see it!

    CC: I think you're having your own post-match pool of tears! HA!

  4. i've been waiting ALL day for this post so i can vent my (very strong)feelings...i HATE the way rafa looks in those Nike polo shirts, they are truly awful, i don't know what they've done with the collar, but i prefer the ones on fed's polo shirts (and boy is that difficult for me to admit) rafa's collars are far too large and flap about (extremely unsexy)...i have grudgingly accepted the round neck t-shirt style a la aus open, but the polos really really really need to go...and why on earth does he have a white polo for RG, shouldn't that be saved for Wimby?! he'd look v hot in a bright pink top for RG and CC i think you're right, Rafa's shorts do look baggier in Miami than last week, Nike are doing their best to make Rafa look boring (which is impossible thankfully)... the orange polo that he never wore for the USO was much better than the current cut, especially the collar: *large sigh...lies down in darkened room until next Rafa match*

  5. Rafa looks hot in anything, so I'm not fretting. I like the colors he wore last night - that minty color made me think his headband & sweatbands would taste even more delish LOL ;) Also, I'm totally digging that black polo with the pink stripe - he will look smokin' in that. And CC I agree that those black shorts will make Rafa's bum look amazing! They seem to hug all the right places. Also enjoy the yellow hoodie with the white stripes. All in all, as long I see Rafa playing well and getting all sweaty on the court, I'm OK with whatever he puts on :)

  6. I loathe it, all of it. Oh God, I miss the sleeveless (sobs).

    I'm also worried he's looking a little gaunt lately. Someone take care of our boy quick!!! Or Natch, at least take a mini-break from the ravaging 'til he's back in fighting form. ;)


  7. I absolutely hate the polo tops. Nike are systematically losing the essence of Rafa to replace it by something more palatable and saleable as any Joe-shmoe with their pot belly could wear it.

    Whilst I accept his image probably had to go through an update, round-neck, tighter tops in bright colours is more Rafa's style.

    I want our Rafa back !!!

  8. Like the polo and the colors. Glad he's back to the longer capris!

  9. Johanne, I totally agree with you! As long as Rafa sweats like a pig he looks HAWT in anything.
    Don't know WHAT I was sobbing for...

  10. CC, that's right take the positives! Rafa wouldn't want you to sob, he would want you to sweat (with him). Don't you love when his hair starts to get sweatier and sweatier and then before you know it the hair is drenched in sweat and clinging to his neck...OY! *swoons*

  11. I'm tired of Rafa in white shorts, I just am. Enough already. I don't mind the shirts but as someone else pointed out - the collar seems too big somehow. I prefer the AO look, and I love love love him in the charcoal grey.

  12. Forgot to say, I really love the jacket, It looks great and Rafa-like ;)

    I think Nike was scared to put Rafa in the pink shirt.

  13. How is it that even Rafa's shirts look muscular?

  14. You all are just going to have to get over it. The collars are in. Very befitting of the #1 player in the world.

    I thought he looked great last night. I can't wait to rock these shirts on court. The yellow / mint green combo is perfect for those hot Miami nights. And the white RG polo is just great.

    But why isn't Nike ever going to release the Breathe Cage II's in those colorways? I cry foul on the play! Not even hawk-eye could remedy this mess.

  15. Johanne...I *flove* his hair when it's completely drenched in sweat, clinging to the skin and he desperately tries to wipe it with the towel and the next second it's just as drenched again and it starts dripping onto...awww...

  16. Nike should design a butt picking slit on those shorts!

  17. Love the yellow warm-up jacket! And the back pocket on the shorts is very cute.

  18. LOVE the jacket.
    LOVE the back pocket.
    LOVE his sweat-drenched hair. *swoon*

    The minty/yellow stuff? Meh.

    But as Johanne has pointed out: he'd look good in anything! :P

  19. I'm so sick of people whining that Nike is "taking away Rafa's essence" by dressing him differently. I don't even know where to start with that. Have we been following the same guy?

  20. Lemon & mint cream. Delicious. Give me a long spoon.

  21. I really wanted the pink for RG! :) Ahwell. I like the new lemon and minty shirt. If anyone can make yellow look good, it's him. :)

    And I really want that warm up jacket in the minty seafoam green for myself...

  22. I never saw this proposed pink shirt for RG - now I'm curious!

  23. Proposed pink RG shirt (more dusty fuchsia):

  24. Wow,I thought for sure he'd be back to sleeveless in France. Instead,the white collar shirt looks like something to wear at Wimbledon.

  25. the white shirt especially is way too federer-like. nadal should keep his own style.

  26. Hey thanks Anon 10:24! :)

    I would be really surprised if he wore the white at RG; like some have said, seems like he would save that for the Wimby required white. Maybe he will end up wearing that dark grey OR the pink!

  27. I've also seen some pink Air Max Courtballistecs and the sweatshirt in pink stripes:

    Let's hope for pink!!! Obvs, I'll post if it gets confirmed at any point before RG.

  28. Yes, PINK!!! I love it! Rafa would look so good in that I'd cry to that too... Of happiness!
    Thanks for posting, Rich!

  29. I love Rafa in Pink but not on clay!!
    I want him back to sleeveless! Hate the polos and now there's a f'n pocket! NO!! lol

    I would watch him in anything but count me in the group that wants the old gear back. I hate what Nike/Team have done to our warrior!

  30. I hate what Nike/Team have done to our warrior!

    Again I think this is so insulting to Rafa. He made his own clothing choices, but his "warrior" attitude has been reduced to his sleeves? PUHLEAZE.

    But *sigh* you can't argue with some people about this.

  31. Oh dear...another fashion mistake!

  32. I definitely am not a fan of the polo shirts. And I don't like the full on pink, but I think I could live with the dark shirt with one pink strip across; it's very do-able.

    With that said, I missmissmiss the sleeveless. He always looks the best in the sleeveless shirts. After all, isn't that what we've all been drooling over for these past years?

    And a question for Nike: what do you expect him to use that back pocket for anyways?

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