Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Is Nike cutting The Bull a new fashion line?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FASHION FIX: Is Nike cutting The Bull a new fashion line?

Rafael Nadal was spotted in his pre-tourney presser in Miami working one of his classic expressions ("Another stupid question, no?") and a new-fangled Nike hat with an interesting logo.

Hmmm - could this be the sign of a forthcoming Nike fashion line for the Mallorcan Matador in the same vein as Roger Federer's 'RF' brand? Inquiring minds def wanna know.

PS - It looks like he's still on the 11th green though NaturAna has smartly stayed away. Xisca's watching girl - just sayin'.

(image via getty)


  1. A Rafa sighting!

    May I just say how much I love that color on him, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I am wearing the same color (and a very similar shirt) right now?

  2. The hats are for his foundation. He started wearing them in IW. Caused quite a frenzy.

  3. OMG, Richie, there's an ATP/WTA sponsored POOL Party on Sunday. You MUST get Rafapix if he shows up. Please-oh-please.

    I also wouldn't mind Stefanki pix, but that's just me.

  4. LOVE that hat; MUST have it!

    Anyone, anyone, anyone know where we can get it???

    PS - the pool party pics would be awesome, and much appreciated, as well (we know you'll find a way to crash Rich ;).


  5. I want that hat SO MUCH. Have been drooling over it since IW. Please let us know if you find out whether it's for sale anywhere!

  6. Pool party? POOL PARTY?!?!?!
    "One pina colada and a Rafa in Speedos one one of those floaty things, por favor..."

  7. did someone say Speedos...count me in! Oh, I would definitely be up for wearing the Bull :)

  8. >>Pool party? POOL PARTY?!?!?!

    My thoughts exactly, CC!!!


  9. Hmmmm, are Rafa nad Xisca still on??? Here's a curious comment from his Miami presser:
    Q. Would you prefer to go out with a girl that is in tennis, that is a tennis player, or any other girl? Just has nothing to do with it.
    RAFAEL NADAL: It is not -- I don't have any preference, you know. Prefer go out with nice and funny girl. Doesn't matter if is player or artist.

  10. *ears prick up*
    Nice and funny?
    ...uhm, have I mentioned how wonderful I think everyone here is...have I? I just like being nice sometimes. Most times. Rafa, are you listening?

  11. Takes back horrible comment about Shrieka, I can be nice honest!

    And I can do funny :-)


  12. I wonder if I hide my candy for him if he would think that was both nice and

  13. Its freakin ugly and it made him look like a wannabe!


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