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Saturday, March 28, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Fed defeats Kevin, debuts "new" Nike stylings

Roger Federer made quick work of his opening match in Miami.

The Swiss stylist defeated qualifier Kevin Kim 6-3, 6-2 in the tourney's second round saving all five break points against his serve. Up next: veteran baller Nicolas Kiefer.

The Nike duds Fed's wearing remind me a lot of last year's spring offerings in terms of design: In '08 he wore the Sphere Cool React Polo and this year Fed's working another solid color polo shirt in white with contrast dark tan collar but this year's version also includes a contrast placket but no contrast banding on the sleeves. There's also a pop of turquoise on the inner placket, the head band, and wrist bands. Smart color combo for sure.

Last year's Dri-Fit Control Shorts have been replaced by the ubiquitous Spring Woven Short in dark tan with a white side stripe.

I'm not thrilled Nike has somewhat regurgitated the same style from last year but I guess there's only so much you can do with FedFashion (read: clean + classic). Also, I haven't found a retail outlet online who's selling these pieces. If you have any information, let me know! (UPDATE: click here to buy the polo and here for the shorts.)

Here's the Swiss' shirt of choice for this year's Roland Garros - the Nike Federer French Open Classic Polo (most likely paired with the Spring Woven Short in the dark navy obsidian colorway with turquoise side stripe.)

UPDATE: Here are the shorts Fed will be wearing with the French Open Classic Polo above!


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  1. HA! I TOLD you the Fed/Cahill split was caused by 350 shades of blue!

    This Miami outfit? Meh, but I agree, what else can you do with him?

    Sorry for this OT bit, but I LURVS Glatch's outfit. If I can get it a a real color, THAT'S what I'm wearing to our Wimby match.

  2. Thank goodness the collar is back! He looks like Federer again, suave and clean.

    I think he looks hot in the picture in the top right corner.

  3. I don't like the Miami one, the blue is just a little but too much. Better with only 2 colours for Fed, 3 colours is more like Rafa.
    The French Open one is okay, I like the stripes.

  4. "Dri-Fit Control Shorts"

    Sounds like adult diapers.

  5. LOL @ Narik!!! You're soooo right!!

    I'm not thrilled about the Miami look, but at least the collar is back! That's something, right?

    Oh, and the RG shirt looks like something a soccer referee would wear...

  6. narik: ROFL!!!! Those def may come in handy if Fed makes the RG final. Just sayin'.

  7. the colour suits Fed....though it looks like the shade he wore last year during the French

    either way...I like the look of it on him

  8. Of course he would make the RG final.And hopefully will kick the asspicking dude!LOl!

  9. Everything Roger wears is class and suave!

  10. I'm not too crazy about these colors, but that's how I felt when I saw the USO outfits before they were on him, but I loved it when he walked out wearing it!!

  11. The Miami outfit is cut for the exact place he is playing, so fits quite well, he dresses always for the occasion, the same applies for Roland Garros, the blue is great and always looks great on him, I loved the Aussie Open shirt

  12. Total snoozefest. I mean is Roger trying to outblah James Blahke now??

  13. Well, as i have said...whatever the man wears looks good on him..sorry haters..


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