Google Down the Line!: FAN POST: Terry Lee kinda gets his "Moment with Marat" - but is Matt to blame?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FAN POST: Terry Lee kinda gets his "Moment with Marat" - but is Matt to blame?

So remember DtL reader Terry Lee's quest to get his most coveted prize: a picture with Marat Safin? Well it seems he finally succeeded...kinda:

Where is Marat...he was already practicing at this time yesterday and it was getting late. I make a quick scouting trip around the grounds to make sure he didn't get passe me and no Marat. So I decide to wait by the players lounge for at least another 20 minutes or so and [my friend] James is telling me that I have to be really aggressive when I see him and tell him I want a photo with him. I agree and I am all fired up and guess who walks out from the players lounge...Marat!

Just as he turned the corner an woman steps in front of me with her fragile 90 year old mom and asks if Marat would take a picture of her...ugh. James told me to push the old woman out of the way, this was my photo opt and I should not be denied, but what if Marat was appalled by my actions and said no to my photo? I couldn't risk it so I let the old woman have her photo. I would remain calm and wait my turn, but then Marat said he didn't have time for any more photos or autographs so I leaned in next to him as he was signing the last autograph and James snapped the picture...not my best but it would do.

HA - nice one Terry Lee! Mission is complete.

But the story gets funnier people: Today I received an email from another DtL reader Matt regarding Terry Lee's Day 1 story:

I read [Terry Lee's post] about meeting Marat Safin and I started laughing hysterically.

"Then out of nowhere these two guys run up and say they were his biggest fans and wanted to take a picture with him and he agreed."

Those two guys were my friend Chris and me! We got two pictures with Marat and it was the greatest day ever. Please tell Terry that I am his biggest fan and have loved Marat ever since he came on tour. And I finally got to meet him!

OMG - it's totally like Six Degrees of Marat! I think I speak for tons of tennis fans when I say the sexy giant Russian will be SO missed when he re-, eh, I can't even say it right now.

But with his career winding down, I'd LOVE to hear from more DtL readers about their fave "Moment with Marat" and any pics you have with the him.

Now I think I'll go cry in a hoo.

*grabs kleenex*

(images via Terry Lee, Matt)


  1. Great. More tennis stalking. Yawn.

  2. LOL, what a funny story. DtL does unite all Marat Maniacs, hehe.

  3. I love this stories, keep on writing them!

  4. LOL I thought the story finishes as 'I roundhouse kicked the 90 year old woman and got my photo with Marat!'

  5. Well, it seems that Indian Wells is the best tournament outhere!!Enjoy it guys and don't be afraid to be even more agressive!:) It can pay off, just grab the opportunity!But good you didn't kick the lady Terry.:) You'll get your proper picture, see, it's not late even when you're 90.haha!

  6. I thought it was funny that Matt realized he was the one Terry Lee was talking about and HAD THE PROOF!!!

    Yeah, T.O., I'm thinking if it were Rafa and there was a 90-year old woman standing between him and a rabid Rafanatic (Sonja maybe?) she wouldn't have made it out alive. At the very least she'd lose a limb or three. They're not playing!

  7. That is so awesome and totally hilarious that Matt read this and new it was him cuz it totally was! I was so jealous of you that day and I wanted to catch up with you and chat but I lost you in the crowd as I tried to cut Marat off after he crossed the lawn...congrats on the pic, that is the type of pic I wanted but at least we are in the same frame :)

  8. aaaw........... nice one Terry! =)
    Marat is so BIG! and still HOT!
    I have some pics of Marat from his SAP debut, most of em are BLURRY! no pics w/ me! only an autograph! hahah........ and now that i'm reflecting, i should've put my contact number down! when he kept staring at my ticket! hahahhah AS iiiiiiiiiiF! ahhahaha...

    Marat will be greatly missed =)

  9. LMAO Rich... I'm not sure I could kick an old lady's ass (sometimes I really want to when they're grumpy though) - I think Rafa could have this "respect the elderly" thing going on maybe...

    But I have a better plan: I'd offer to help the old lady ("May I take your and Rafa's picture?") and be all charming, so Rafa would notice me and go all: "Oh, gorgeous and helpful. Niiiice."

    This would totally work, no? :D

  10. Well done, Terry. I would have just stared at Marat like some kind of crazy person until he walked off (blushes). Loved the fact you were foiled by a fellow DtL reader then a 90 year old lady. Glad you didn't knock her down though, Marat wouldn't have approved :)
    Sonja - sounds like a great plan to me! Rafa would (hopefully) be impressed.
    I've tried getting RF's autograph 3times without success, maybe I should get my tall friend to do it for me (I'm only 5'3 so he probably couldn't see me!)

  11. terry -- i am sorry that you weren't able to get a picture w/ marat, but i had to seize the moment. i was speechless, but my friend chris spoke up. i owe it all to him.


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