Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) BREAKING: Larry Scott to resign

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(UPDATED) BREAKING: Larry Scott to resign

According to TENNIS' ticker:

WTA Tour CEO Larry Scott is resigning in order to become commisoner of the Pac-10 Conference, Pete Bodo has learned. An official announcement is expected this evening.

After the flak over the Shahar Peer situation amongst others, this is welcome news....

UPDATE: More news about Scott's departure -

WTA Tour CEO Larry Scott has announced that he will leave his post on July 1 order to become commissioner of the NCAA's Pac-10 Conference.

"With women’s professional tennis more popular than ever, the Tour in the strongest business position in its history and a fantastic senior management team in place, now is the right time for me to embrace a new challenge consistent with my family and personal goals, and leave room for the next generation of Tour leadership to take on new responsibilities,” said Scott in a statement.

The WTA said its Board of Directors will "determine selection process for next Chairman and CEO in due course" and "Scott will work with the Tour Board on the selection process."


  1. Hey Rich! I'm a little shocked, but I can see that definitely being a less-stressful job than the WTA gig.

  2. Not to be a sexist, feminist, or whatever ist is out there, why can't they get a woman to run the women's tour? Just wondering.


  3. van: for sure

    ash: good question. i have no idea why a woman hasn't been chosen or whether any women applied for the job. i guess we'll be paying closer attention this time around!

  4. I think its a good thing, especially following the Shahar Peer disaster. He should have done more than he did... plus I think its time for a shake-up in women's tennis.

    Ash: I'd quite like to see a woman in the job... Just to see if it changes anything around the WTA.


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