Google Down the Line!: ATP to return $3 million in fees, offers support to tourneys during economic crisis

Friday, March 6, 2009

ATP to return $3 million in fees, offers support to tourneys during economic crisis

The ATP World Tour is giving back during these tough economic times.

The boys' governing body is returning around $3 million dollars in fees to tourneys, all from ATP resources, to help ease their bottom line during this global economic downturn. Prize money will not be effected. No word on whether the WTA Tour will follow suit.

An ATP spokesperson told Reuters,

In these difficult times the ATP has decided to give the tournaments a reduction in tournament fees to help them financially.

This allows the tournaments to take some pressure off their bottom line while waiting for economic circumstances to improve.

Big props to the ATP World Tour and especially newly-appointed CEO Adam Helfant. Ever since Helfant came on board there seems to be more smart decision-making and more public successes including Andy Ram getting a visa into Dubai after Shahar Peer was denied.

Moreover, I'd say this is an intelligent use of funds during these times and an effective way to build bridges amongst the tourneys, gather support, and instill trust in the Tour executives.

Note to WTA CEO Larry Scott: Helfant is beginning to make you look really bad. You may want to take some pointers from your counterpart. Just sayin'.

(image via atpworldtour)

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  1. I wish that tennis had one governing body. The ITF is useless. I hope that one day the tours will combine under someone intelligent and sensitive to the issues (read:NOT Larry Scott.)My vote is for Navratilova.


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