Google Down the Line!: +WEDNESDAY NETCORDS: Yeah it's me and, no, you can't touch this

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

+WEDNESDAY NETCORDS: Yeah it's me and, no, you can't touch this

Rafael Nadal, Madrid

* Japanese baller Kei Nishikori has been warned against being phone-y during his country's Davis Cup tie after a Memphis misstep. [Eurosport]

* NBC's Tony Kornheiser gives props to A-Rod for his Dubai boycott during a interesting yet strange dressing room discussion. Does Tony even watch tennis? Can't tell. Why is the woman in video reading? No answer. What the hell is that ringing noise? *sits very confused* [NBC Sports]

* Jon Wertheim places Rafa + ReRe's odds of achieving the calendar-year Grand Slam at 4-to-1. [SI]

Thanks to B2012 for the image link!

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  1. *sigh* Rafa is just the greatest ....ever. Yumm

  2. pobrecito rafa...RM lost, they even showed a clip of him at the match on the Sky coverage in the UK...anyway isn't that the suit jacket he wore to the Prince of Asturias awards?! (video at end)
    hell someone needs to go and comfort him...

  3. and here's a below the waist shot from tonight...*sigh*

  4. the scarf.

    the smile.

    my day = so much better.

  5. You know. Sometimes I wish he would stop being so damn charming all the time. It's wearing me down.

  6. His hair is so nasty.

  7. he pulls of brown sooo well!

  8. "His hair is so nasty."

    Nooo!!! His hair looks beautiful here!

  9. to me he looks worryed or something.

  10. qaz123: Maybe he knew how the match would end...

    Anyway, he still looks good here!

  11. Ah! I knew he was there. I was watching a French stream and they said something that sounded Rafael Nadal-ish. Dammit, why couldn't RM win like he does?!


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