Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Venus begins assault on WTA Penthouse, edges out Serena in Dubai

Friday, February 20, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Venus begins assault on WTA Penthouse, edges out Serena in Dubai

In their 19th career meeting, Venus Williams topped lil' sister and top lady baller Serena Williams in the Dubai semifinals 6-1, 2-6, 7-6 (3) in a little over two hours. The Wimbledon champ took the lead in their head-to-head matchup 10-9 and will face Frenchie Virginie Razzano who defeated the American in their last match at the Japan Open in 2007.

Maybe V wasn't kidding when she said her top priority this season was to kick some sisterly arse and knock ReRe from the WTA Penthouse.

Good start.

BONUS: The 7-time Grand Slammer will re-enter the Top 5 after making the Dubai semifinals for the first time since 2003. *sits in shock*


  1. I really believe Vee can do it. We all know she's usually a late starter of the season so i wasn't that much suprised when she got knocked off the AO.Well, only a lil suprised she bowed out tht early.But i'm not suprised she's began to pick up the pace.

  2. Im so so happy Venus was able to squeeze this one out. With Maria out for so long I hav been putting all of my love behind Venus. I really think she has been the form player of the last 4 or 5 months bar the AO. Win the title Vee!!!!

  3. Usually V gets inspired by ReRe's accomplishments and vice versa so I'm thinking she's extra motivated to do well this year considering her lil' sis has now won two majors in a row and ascended (again) to the top spot.

    I'd love to see her up there one more time - 11 total career weeks in at No.1 is not enough!

  4. It's refreshing to see these two play a good match as the WTA seems to be dying a slow frustrating...oh well. Hey btw that's crazy how V&S have played each other as many times as Rafa and Fed have...I like it.

  5. nice win for venus. order is finally being restored in the wta. i also enjoyed serena's match against ana the other day, it was high quality too, great defensive play from both women, ana's forehand was clicking and scored points by coming to the net a lot but serena was simply too powerful and focused. i was surprised with how well they match up. hopefully, these dubai matches will be the start of greater things for the wta.

  6. V played great! Not sure if I'd call it a great match, though. It was just okay, in my opinion (maybe because I had to get up at 7am and pay 10 bucks for live streaming - I know, I'm a sucker!)
    Serena looked pained throughout, and Venus did a walkabout in the second set. No where near the quality of last year's Wimbledon final, but heck, it's only the semis of Dubai. I'm still thinking the Dementieva/Mauresmo match was one of the best so far this year on the WTA side.
    Does Razzano have any shot at all??

  7. as a perennial venus fan, i am worried about tomorrow's final. i think it seems as straight forward as the japan open felt a year and a half ago - and i wonder if that's going to be weighing on venus's mind.

  8. wow, seems like Vee is going all out in improving her rankings.
    She's even playing some clay court tourney at Acapulco, Mexico.It is so unlike her.

  9. Tell me about it. I thought that Razzano might have a shot if Venus' error-spraying, set/match-point choking counterpart showed up. Fortunately, she didn't. Hope that Venus continues to play well for the rest of the year, and brings her A+ game to the slams...

  10. YAY Venus wins it!!!!

    Im so happy for Venus, she really deserves this as she has played the most convincing tennis of all tthe top girls this week and its great to see her in the top 5. Apart from that little blip at the AO Venus really has been the form player the last 3 or 4 months and with her confidence on the continual up up up she is going to be tough to beat at any tournament and could challenge for number 1. She definatly deserves to have been number 1 more than 11 weeks.


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