Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Two top-ranked ballers hit the Rotterdam courts - which one is more dominant?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Two top-ranked ballers hit the Rotterdam courts - which one is more dominant?

Thanks to DtL reader Sabine for sending me over this video of Rafael Nadal in Rotterdam!

The 6-time Grand Slammer took some time out from his tourney preparations to crack some groundies with champion wheelchair tennis player Esther Vergeer of the Netherlands.

But don't be fooled people: the Dutch lady baller has been ranked World No.1 since 1999 and has been unbeaten since 2003. Take that Rafa (and pretty much anyone who plays a pro sport)!

Seriously, Esther's 360 moves are def scary. I don't think I'd want to face her on court. EVER.


(image via Getty)


  1. Daaaaaaamn. Did you see the angles on those wheels? No wonder she's a speed demon. Beautiful girl, too. LUCKY girl, too.

    Rafa looks as hot as he always does. I love when they ask him if he's going to play in a wheelchair, and he says, "Too deeffeecult."

  2. very cool! She's got awesome groundies. And looks to be in great shape.

  3. VERY impressive!! :O
    That girl's a role model!

    And Rafa looks stunning as always! :P

  4. I'll give you the translations for what Esther is saying. Firstly, you have to know that Esther is the tournament director for the wheelchair tournament in Rotterdam. This year it's the first time that the wheelchair tournament is held there.
    I know that Rafa is human and that he also goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning. But if you see all the people around him and all the attention from the media you know that it's something special, and I realise that.
    Then she is talking about the wheelchair tournament:
    Wheelchair tennis is part of every Grand Slam. This is the fifth 'normal' tournament where wheelchair tennis is played too.
    There are more and more tournaments with wheelchair tennis, she's happy about that.
    Tommy Robredo is having his own wheelchair tournament. She's happy that the sport of wheelchairtennis is growing.

    My English is nog very good, I hope you can understand it!

  5. Thanks for translating Sabine, that was just perfect! :-))

    I'm thinking wheelchair tennis should be introduced to a broader audience. I'm sure watching it must be thrilling and fun!

  6. thanks sabine - i'm still stunned at her spin moves. i should try that one, though dizziness isn't a good strategy for me.

  7. Thanks, Sabine. Your English was great!

    They have WC tennis at all the slams, I think. I watch them at the USO every year. It is impressive to watch what good athletes they are.

    Yep. I think I would get motion sickness with all that spinning. She could probably put a world of hurt on me.

  8. I think it was TC that has her finals match on at US Open ac couple years ago. It was really neat to watch.

  9. Well, in the US you can see it.

    In my country, you can be lucky if you get to see the regular USO (or any other GS whatsoever).
    There's no TC or anything like that... :/

  10. that sucks sonja! no GS either??? aaargh.

  11. No, the GS tourneys are actually the only ones they do broadcast (but for instance they didn't even show the Wimby final live!!). But that's it. No further ATP tourneys.

    I paid big money for the ATP's online livestream to at least see the Masters.



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