Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Serena sits down with Jim Rome, excited about "fantabulous" G2 campaign

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Serena sits down with Jim Rome, excited about "fantabulous" G2 campaign

Serena Williams took a break from the Gatorade G2 event in Hollywood yesterday to sit down for a pretty insightful interview with ESPN's Jim Rome for his show "Alone with Rome".

The top lady baller discussed a number of topics including the new G2 campaign that features a "fantabulous" backstory, winning her 10th major in Oz, her rivalry with sister Venus, her upcoming "memoir", and the Dubai controversy including whether she and her sister considered a boycott (she claims timing of the UAE's decision was the biggest factor in not boycotting.)

She also mentions her website,, is planning a relaunch soon - phew. It surely could use a few botox shots here and there.

My fave quote from the interview: "...when I play [Venus] it's, like, I really want to win. I have to bring my best game and she really has to bring her ultimate best game."

I wonder what V thinks of that observation?


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  1. I think I'm the only Serena fan that visits this blog, or at least it feels like it. lol Good interview. She seems really relaxed.

  2. Pamela: I really good observation actually. There's something about the Williams sisters that is very polarizing, ReRe in particular. I think most tennis fans can objectively appreciate her achievements and give her credit for having the best game on the WTA Tour right now.

    But I think her personality can sometimes grate especially those moments when she seemingly chooses to fault herself solely for her losses and not credit her opponents game.

    She's not the best communicator for sure. Venus has a much easier time expressing herself.

    But I'm a fan of both of them even though I poke fun at ReRe a lot. How can I help myself when she purposefully gives me so much material?!

  3. Eh, to each his own Rich. It's not really as polarizing as this blog and it's participators make it seem. She or they both have plenty of fans. (I'm not a Venus fan, she's ok though) Personally, I think the negativity is harped on and the good is overlooked, but it is what it is. Especially when I hear others saying the exact same thing, almost verbatim.

    I enjoy a lot of players, and this blog for the perspective that you bring to it. Keep it up. :)

  4. Thanks!

    True enough - so where are all their fans? I wonder which sites/blogs they lean towards??

  5. There are a quite a few, but I frequent this blog and one other ..Craighickmanontennis because I like the diversity. Actually, Craig is a Serena fan too. I prefer tennis sites instead of individual fan worship sites. Also, it's rare to find blogs where the members are always respectful eve when they disagree. I like that a lot.

  6. Oh yes I know his blog - he's been around for a while.

  7. Hey Pam, I'm a huge Serena fan, I just lurk more than I post. I agree to many do harp on about her negative attributes but rarely or begrudgingly her positive attributes. WTA needs the Williams sisters as they keep newspapers and viewers interested.


  8. im a venus fan. serena is fun, but venus is the one.:)

  9. I'm a die hard fan of Venus, i like ReRe. She has tht annoying lil sister thing about her.

    I think these two complement each other quite well. Venus is the cool and composed one, quite eloquent, while ReRe is the crazy one and i bet being the lil sister, she was spoiled as a baby.

    Still i love 'em.

    And can someone tell me what the hell is Venus doing in Mexico? Isn't mixing clay and hard courts a recipe for a disastrous season?or this is part of the plan for raking up ranking points?
    Oh well, im gonna try and trust her judgement on this one.

  10. Jim Rome is so fake!! I wish I was near Serena so I could tell her how he criticized her in 07 when she lost to Henin in USO. Serena is really a cool, humble, easy-going woman. She is probably the easiest celebrity to talk to as a fan. I think that the reason a lot of people don't like her is because there is so much neg. press about her undeservingly. Serena has her errors but she is a very caring individual.


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