Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Serena the "odd girl" visits Jay Leno and talks Oz, streakers, and superstitions

Thursday, February 5, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Serena the "odd girl" visits Jay Leno and talks Oz, streakers, and superstitions

The WTA Penthouse's latest resident Serena Williams stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to discuss winning her fourth Aussie Open crown and her return to World No.1.

The self-described "odd girl" also talks about the insufferable Aussie heat, the streaker who paid a visit to her doubles match with Venus, and her superstitions (which I thought she didn't have for religious reasons - but whatever).

I have to say ReRe looks really great in the salmon-colored dress and seems happier than ever before. Plus, she seems def comfortable in front of the late night crowd - no shocker there. I mean, the girl loves the spotlight.


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  1. UGH. I CANNOT stand Jay Leno! He's sooooo annoying! But besides that, I think Serena did a good job, she was a good guest. Kinda hilarious that Kevin was a little creepy in the beginning, hahhahahahha. Gross! :)

  2. aghhhhhhhhh! live rafa chat is not working!! are you in rich???

  3. I can't get in to the Rafa chat either :(

    Anyone in???

  4. No such luck guys and it's freezing up my computer...let's see what actually happened if anyone got to ask ANY questions...

  5. I couldn't get in either guys. Sucks! :(

    Maybe they'll post something on his website? Hopefully?

  6. I just got the folloing message, so hopefully it will be posted somewhere at least:

    For technical reason independent from Babolat, the number of LIVE participant is limited. Here at Babolat we would have been so happy to do more. Be sure that we did our best.

    If you are over the technical limit, don't be sad, you can still follow the Chat session and have the opportunity to see your pre-registered question picked and answered by Rafa.

  7. Yeah I got that message too....but I honestly didn't know what to make of it? I was like, well does that mean I get to follow the chat now? Or are they posting it later? And I registered but never got an opportunity to submit a pre-registered question. So confusing! What gives?!?!


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