Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rafa spotted in Manacor, practices for Davis Cup

Thursday, February 26, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Rafa spotted in Manacor, practices for Davis Cup

iB TV interviewed Rafael Nadal during a recent practice session in his hometown of Manacor. The world's top baller was practicing for his country's upcoming Davis Cup tie versus Serbia and managed to show off some nifty footwork to go along with his fine hands.

Not sure what they're saying (do I ever?) so feel free to leave a translation in the comments section!


(video via Nadal News)


  1. Just look at the modest, worn-down surroundings at his hometown tennis club. This is where he trains every day, and sweeps the court afterwards.

    People who were in Mallorca as tourists report his name gets chalked up on the club's daily schedule board just like any other club member. They could watch him practice and even chat with Toni. Very laid back.

    So, no need for fancy facilities to produce champions, no?

  2. He sweeps?! Maybe he can apply to be my houseboy when he retires...

    Alright, srsly Anon, what you just said makes me love him more.

    Thanks for the pix and vid, Rich. LOVED the glimpse of Rafathigh.

  3. Yeah, people vacationing there saw him watering & sweeping courts after practice, that's Toni influence. He also makes Rafa organize the transportation of his own luggage in and out of hotels. Same for racquet stringing. Small things that keep the boy humble and real.

    Sweeping clay courts means dragging that wire thingy after you that leaves comb-like pattern on clay, of course.


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