Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: More Rafa in red, Babolat "proves" LIVE CHAT was indeed live (oh sure)

Friday, February 20, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: More Rafa in red, Babolat "proves" LIVE CHAT was indeed live (oh sure)

Here's some behind-the-scenes video of Rafael Nadal at the commercial shoot for sponsor Kia I posted about yesterday.

I've decided LiveAction Rafa is my fave.


In other Rafanews, Babolat has released a video from the supposed LIVE CHAT with the Mallorcan Matador that few fans were able to attend. They say proof is in the puddin' but this doesn't show me anything. In fact, I still don't get the idea of "pre-registered questions" for a live chat. WTF?

Rafa's PR flack, Benito, might want to let go of some control.The questions and his answers are getting a bit boring now.


(via Nadal News, El Toro de Rafa)


  1. I'm a "long time reader, first time poster" but I most say that I'm really getting bored with Rafas interviews. I would love if he just could answer som LIVE questions without thinking about how his answers will be interpret. In my opinion it would be a lot more interesting.

    Ps. Pardon my english

  2. A lot more interesting, perhaps. But a lot more stupid.

    How can one NOT think how one's answers will be interpreted? Only mental patients do that.

    And Federer.

  3. OMG! I love his smile! but tooo much makeup!...... what is Rafa's deal digging his buttcrack again? He's wearing jeans! lol..... he needs to get his jeans specially made for him, his a$$ is too big for almost everything he wears! good? bad? hmm.... GOOD! lol

    ....and for the questions, he should be asked the same question as Enrique Iglesias: "lights on or lights off?" ahahahahaha......JK! =P

  4. Maybe it would be stupid but it would atleast show som personality. An interview with a mental patient would probably be a lot funnier to follow :P

  5. still no proof and im with u etern and rich on the interview thing


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