Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Sveta gets dumped in Dubai second round - is a head shrinker on speed dial?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Sveta gets dumped in Dubai second round - is a head shrinker on speed dial?

Svetlana Kuznetsova may have hit rock bottom.

The Russian headcase, who has the distinct "honor" of losing her last 10 of 11 final appearances, faced compatriot, qualifier, and World No.75 Elena Vesnina in her opening round match in Dubai. Sveta won the first set 6-4, lost the second 3-6, and was served a stone cold bagel in the third set. Double *ouch*.

After the humiliating loss the former US Open champ told the press,

The court was fast, and I just could not get the feel of the ball throughout the match. I am now off to Moscow, and I really need to work hard on my game.
Like, duh - and I'm not talking about the supposedly troubling "fast" court.

Sveta is one lady baller who can't be accused of not playing enough. Last year she played 19 tourneys, including all 4 Grand Slams, the Olympics, and WTA Championships not to mention the semifinals and finals of FED CUP. This season she's already played in Sydney, the Aussie Open, the opening weekend of FED CUP, and now Dubai.

Clearly she's burnt out and needs a break, a hiatus from the Tour (like a month) to get her game together. It's a very slippery slope to tennis oblivion and at this point in her career the 24-year old's focus should be narrowing to the major tourneys and the Grand Slams.

It'll also give her an opportunity to sit down with a sport shrink. Now, I don't like to throw that card out lightly but this lady baller is a prime candidate for some couch time, don't ya think?

*calls Amelie for references*

(image via MARWAN NAAMANI/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. 1)She needs to sit with her legs together/closed. That is not an enjoyable view.

    2)About the shrink: get in line my Richard is first.

  2. sara:

    1) LOL! It's like the dark depths down there - scary!

    2) Reeshard missed his appts many times apparently. It's Sveta's turn (or Ana's, or most of the WTA Tour). To the back of the line with Reeshard!!!

  3. Yeah, it's bad when a former Major champ can't handle the pressure of the Dubai second round! Sheesh.
    I'd have to go back and check, but I have a theory that she started playing badly ever since she heard that Roger enjoys watching her play. Jinx!

  4. FF: I'm sure he's eating his words now. Maybe Sveta should ask him to take it back and then we can see what happens after that.

  5. I second the sitting thing. Doesn't mothers teach that to all girls?

    I second the shrink too. Can I be Marat's?

  6. babz: You want to shrink Marat's head? That pretty head of his?? Can I watch???

  7. That's okay Rich, I'll keep Richard company while he waits for his appointment. We can practice frenching...uh...I mean in the language. I should go now (;

  8. I would so enjoy shrinking that pretty head of his. And yes you may watch.

    *hands over no pictures/videos of the event to be signed by rich*

  9. I still believe in Kuzzi!


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