Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Serena + Common spotted on LAX security line - are they together again?

Monday, February 9, 2009

SIGHTING: Serena + Common spotted on LAX security line - are they together again?

Serena Williams was spotted in the security line at LAX recently with on-again, off-again, whatever-again boy toy Common. The 10-time Grand Slammer stopped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno while on the West Coast last week.

I mean, SERIOUSLY - didn't they supposedly just break up their non-relationship? I've become so confused about these two that I've now decided to call a spade a spade: these two are just good friends with great benefits.

We've all had them (fine - a lot) and ReRe and Common have all the makings of this type of relationship: lots of hanging out and playing together but no commitments and a total denial of any relationship.

It's like an advanced level booty call. So enjoy guys.

PS - Thanks Maja!

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  1. "advanced booty call" ahahahahaha...... common is a looker!

  2. lol Advanced level booty call Rich? Ha!! I just think they want a relationship without everyone in their business so they deny it so the questions can't be asked. Good for them. Serena for all of her dramatics doesn't seem the type to have her personal business on display, neither does he for that matter.

    Besides, I don't think I'd take a booty call with me to Paris to watch me work. Just saying.

  3. butter: oh he's def a looker and a really good artist IMO.

    pamela: that's why it's an "advanced level booty call". it's celeb-style: they can fly theirs anywhere to watch them do anything. they're traveling with their benefits - unlike myself.

    *wears sad face at thought of average level booty callssss*

  4. Rich: I learn something new every day. I'll have to work that into my conversation with my boyfriend tonight at dinner.

    "So babe, what do you think of high level booty calls?" Yeah, that will spark conversation. lol

  5. He's definitely a looker but I'm not crazy about his boobs especially in the third picture.

  6. Pamela: Not sure if you want to bring that up over dinner...maybe couples therapy? Not that I would know about that...I SWEAR.

    *deletes therapist's number from phone*

    anon: LOL strangely enough it looks like a face with his man-boobs (moobs?) as the eyes. OMG - i'm freaking out!

  7. Ewww! Rich! I went back to look at the man-boob face and I lost my lunch. That's gross and ridiculously creepy. EWWW!

    *calls therapist*
    *continues to freak out*

  8. Ohh...I'll always have something missing from my life now that I know advanced-level booty calls exist.

    But I refuse to look at his moobs. I just ate...

  9. You guys are missing the print out of his ABS in that 3rd picture and only focusing on the man-boobs. If his ABS are so well defined and showing through a thick wool sweater, think of how they will look when he works out for 5 minutes.

    The overall package is ok, so the man-boobs don't figure much to me.

  10. Anon it's his "well defined" abs that form the mouth of the face Rich described. Oh crap, there goes my breakfast.


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