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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SIGHTING: Rafa gets a new ride, picks up sparkling new Aston Martin

Baby's got a brand new car.

Rafael Nadal was spotted with momma, Ana Maria, and coach Uncle Toni recently checking out his beautiful brand new Aston Martin. Oh, what an appropriate car for the man with the most famous ass-ets in the world.

Ride it Rafa...ride it well.

PS - Thanks to DtL readers Meri, Maja, + Lisa for the tip off!

(images via zimbio)


  1. Well, thanks god that uncle Toni keep Rafa humble. Imagine if he have higher standards, maybe he buy Spain!!

  2. well it's not exactly new..I've seen some pictures of rafa in it before in but not these particular photos. thanks! rafa's looking good!

  3. Well HELLO Rafa!! o_O

    Although I did recently praise him for being all humble and settling for a Kia Sorrento instead of a fancy sportscar.
    Oh well. I'd buy one, too. LOL

    Plus, Aston Martin is so... James Bond.

  4. I'm not into sports cars, but if I were a 22 year old man with millions of dollars, they might appeal to me.

    Plus...that hood is an invitation for a romp. Just sayin'.

  5. he didn't buy it. it was a gift after he won the Wimbledon.

  6. And yep...he looks hot in a pair of old trackie bottoms as well.

  7. I wonder how many cars he's actually won now...a lot I bet.

  8. That white Merc in the pic No. 4 (with his uncles Rafael and Toni) is the one Rafa got for winning Stuttgart 2007. And he immediately gifted it to uncle Toni.

    Few years before that he also won a Merc in Stuttgart (yeah, they are so annoying with gifting those, LOL; a Mercedes factory is there), but he didn't own a driver's licence then, so it lingered in his garage for a while. Then he started to be sponsored by Kia (which includes being issued with their latest models), got a licence, bumped into an electricity pylon with it while going real slow down the local country roads as a rookie driver, got another Kia and finally learned to drive properly.

    Last summer he was photographed trucking his mates to the beach in a Kia 4x4 and that red Merc. And now, this classy Aston Martin, the first car he chose himself. One would expect an obvious Ferrari or a tacky Lamborgini. WTG, Rafa, great taste.

  9. The perfect combination: my favorite car for my favorite tennis player...totally hot. I can't believe he waited this long to indulge regardless if its a gift or've earned it kid just drive it safely please, you got a Grand Slam to pull of this year.

  10. Narik - depends on what kind of ride you're wanting...

  11. I'll take whatever ride he offers! :P

  12. Sonja: Exactly what I was just thinking :D


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