Google Down the Line!: Shrieka finally playing points with serves, looks towards March return

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shrieka finally playing points with serves, looks towards March return

Maria Sharapova, who withdrew from the Paris Open + Dubai, provided an update on her Weekly Doodles about the progress of her recovery:

I have been training in Florida the last few weeks and really working hard on getting the strength back in my arm. It's really amazing how you can do all the exercises and rehab in the world but nothing substitutes the time you spent on court running and hitting hundreds of balls. The biggest lesson I have learned throughout this whole process is that it takes so much patience to get back to where you were physically. You are never really going to forget 'how' to hit a tennis ball but what you do forget is how much work and repitition you must put into every single day in order to get back to where you were. And the only way to get back into good shape is by playing tennis. Unfortunately just because the doctor fixes the problem and gives you the green light to practice doesn't mean that you can just go out there playing tournaments. Yesterday I played my first few points with serves in about 6 months which was pretty exciting! Right now I'm aiming for Palm Springs, or Miami, depending on how things shape up. I cannot wait to get back to playing tournaments
It's pretty crazy that Shrieka just played "her first few points with serves in about 6 months". The recovery has been pretty slow at best but it's better to take it easy on the shoulder than rushing back. It's also interesting after all the speculation about her status recently we're finally getting some actual statements about her the withdrawal and her progress.

In any case, the earliest we'll see her looks to be March.

Heal on Shrieka, heal on.

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  1. She's defending champion in Doha, Dementieva won Dubai.

  2. Of course her healing has been slow. Water skiing+ messed up shoulder=BAAAD!! I wonder what other terrible decisions were made that we didn't get to see.

  3. yeeee..! i can't wait to see Shrieka back on. WTA sure needs u girl.

  4. I guess her voice cords need some practice as well for the 110dB shrieks.

  5. Thanks for the correction anon!

  6. Anon:9:41
    Funny the comment of water skiing, I was thinking the same.
    Anyhow here in Florida the past week and a half its been under 55 degrees (with exception of this weekend back to 70's) and I try to come back after sickness 2 days ago and the ball doesn't even bounce, so i guess 2 things, or she its practicing in the Bollettieri indoors, or she its plain lying : P

    One thing its for sure, when she practice always the tennis paparazzi's are behind her, and I havent see and single picture grabbing a racquet for a long time. Its just suspicious...mmhhhhh : T

  7. That whole doodle she posted was pretty funny in general. And those new pictures! Her glasses channel Cristian Siriano, lol!

    As for her not being pictured practicing, seriously, she hasn't been papped doing ANYTHING for a long time. She's probably just trying to lay low.

  8. I really hope to see her together with Dokic in the Miami Open, cause im going with 800 photos in my camera memory to take.

    Rich I have a name for Babz...."Babzicle" a mix of Babz and popsicle....Delicious mmmm...hahahaha. what do you think Babz?? : ) your boyfriend/or husband might like it.
    Good weekened guys!!

  9. U called her shrieka, atleast she has to proved in tennis. this is a lame blog.


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