Google Down the Line!: Rafanatics rejoice: Babolat sponsors LIVE CHAT with Oz Open champ

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rafanatics rejoice: Babolat sponsors LIVE CHAT with Oz Open champ

Now that he's survived his smoochy arrival back home, Rafael Nadal will have the safety of the internet to be able to interact with fans this time around.

His racquet-maker, Babolat, is sponsoring a LIVE CHAT with the newly-crowned Aussie Open champ this Thursday, February 5th. Just click on the "Register Me" link to sign up for the chat and a chance to win a racquet signed by the Matador.

Okay Rafanatics, prepare yourselves and your questions - but keep it clean, if you can.

PS - Thanks Barcelona2012 + Isabelle!

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  1. Wha? Keep it clean? That's like going clubbing and not drinking!

    Is that signed racquet really a racquet, or another kind of racquet?

  2. babzina: love the name changes! yes true enough. i'm afraid he may block you during the chat - but i'm sure you have ways to get around that.

    can you imagine if his is tattooed? with your name?? how ca-razy!!!

  3. Yeah, normally it just reads "Babz", but when he gets, err, excited, it expands to spell "Babzerettalina". BWHA!

    Now I have to find out when that live chat thang is going to happen - hopefully I'm not at work then. >:(

  4. so,
    What are you, nuts?! Call in sick!

    Dear Rafa,
    I keep asking you what time and when, but for some reason you keep blocking my e-mail address and wiping my kisses away.
    Confused but still horny,

  5. "Yeah, normally it just reads "Babz", but when he gets, err, excited, it expands to spell "Babzerettalina". "


    Oh Lord. Do you think they'll even let us log in? I'm sure they've blocked our IP addresses ALREADY.

  6. They already came to my house and arrested me. But they DID let me keep the handcuffs...;)

    Forgot to say THANK YOU b2012 & Isabelle, my new, new bff's.

  7. For the love of all things Mallorcan, can they please just NOT ASK HIM any of the same repetitive questions he gets a thousand times during his blogs. If you want to know his favorite ice cream, I will tell you!



    Maybe someone will ask him if he feels there's a need for upped security at Palma airport. 0.o lol

  8. I'd be curious to know what the craziest thing a fan has sent him. Does anyone want to 'fess up now before he tells the world?

    I could pre-empt the announcement and post the evidence.

    *waits anxiously for answer, taps foot*

  9. I volunteer to UPS myself to him. I'll either end up at his house, or in the back of my UPS man's truck. It's win/win for me! ;)

    what size shoe does he wear?
    *crosses fingers, hopes for 12 or higher*

  10. Natch I think it is 12!! :D

    I should really know this precise, from the times he's had to talk about shoving his foot into a smaller shoe...

  11. Oh, you're right! I have heard him talk about wearing size 10 tennis shoes. I just hadn't heard what his real shoe size was. Or anything else that might be measured...;)

    Thanks for the info! natch very happy. :D

  12. I would love to know how many times, the Times UK has had to delete the question of fans asking about size. XD

  13. Hey Rafanatics!!!

    "I'd be curious to know what the craziest thing a fan has sent him." Me too, RiCH. ME. TOO.

    b2012: Tell me about it! The repetitive q's were driving me nuts, esp when you know he's prob getting a crap load of q's everyday. Pick a different one! But maybe all the rest were dirty questions ;)

  14. EXACTLY, the questions were ALWAYS. the. same.

    I've read "Who is your idol?" and "What's your favourite country?" like a million times.
    Alright people, no idol, Mallorca, WE KNOW IT NOW.

    I've tried to send in questions several times, it just didn't work (and I swear, the only dirty one was whether he prefers the shower or the bathtub - and don't we all wanna know that?!). I think it's not really chosen but done after the FIFO system. :(

  15. And I am aware that Mallorca is not a country. LOL
    I meant to write "holiday place".


  16. oooh, Sonja, both are a nice image, thank you. :D


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