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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quote of the Day: Dzhamal Chakvetadze on Shrieka

Maria's mind is not on tennis these days, it's on love. I talked to her father Yuri some days ago. He doesn't know what to do. He's lost all his influence with his daughter. Masha has completely stopped listening to him. During the last six months, she has become used to the good life and is in the middle of a love affair, she doesn't need anyone except this guy.

- Dzhamal Chakvetadze on Maria Sharapova

A 21-year old woman wants to run her own life and enjoy a romantic relationship with a special someone (most likely Charlie Ebersol). Shocker!

I'm the first one who wants to see Shrieka healthy and back on the court but if this is true I'm happy for her. It's important to have other things going on besides tennis, tennis, tennis. Plus, it's good she wants to make decisions for herself and not suffer under the heavy thumb of father Yuri.

So, get over it.

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  1. Oh please... this article has been discussed to death by several forums and most of them agreed that it's nothing but BS!
    Why on earth should Chaky's father talk to Yuri? About his daughter? About his daughters love live? No way that happened!
    Even if they had a personal relationship I bet that Max Eisenbud and all the folks envolved in Masha's carreer would do everything so nobody says anything that has not been officially published!

    Even though I have to agree that it's likely that Masha cared more about Charlie and spending her millions then playing tennis with a bummed shoulder, I just don't see her turning her back on her dad or even tennis.

  2. "He's lost all his influence with his daughter"

    Good. Based on what we've seen nobody should be listening to Yuri Sharapov. That guy's crazy!

  3. I can keep her rich, attractive boyfriend warm if she needs to get back to tennis. Not a problem for me.

  4. Why do you say her dad is crazy? Did he do sth? :s

  5. People need to realize that maria has been devoted to tennis for most of her life and now being a 3 time grandslam winner, she should be able to start living her life. I always felt like. Chak-whateva has no right to speak about her like that. I seriously think that she has some jealous grudge against maria. I don't think many fellow Russians on tour like her. And lastly, yuri always seemed like tennis stage dad. Like very controlling and over- bearing. I am glad to see her actually have interests outside of tennis I swear people want all the top players to end up like the Belgians and retire by 25!!!!!

  6. Well wasnt Chakky dad named Djamoubli ???
    And doesn't this all remind u of the Wimbledon movie? ))))

  7. Maria's an adult and she can decide what she wants to do with it. I think it's a shame with all of her talent to not devote herself completely to tennis for now and then focus on other things in the future, but at the same time, she has a right to a personal life and to live it as she chooses. Success is important but so is balance.

    I do think it's kind of out of line for this guy to comment publicly about Maria's personal life. He should keep quiet about this kind of stuff and let Maria talk about it if she wants to.

  8. I won't miss Shriekapova, there are more than enough grunting baseline tree choppers in the WTA already.

  9. WORD Rich. What on earth was Chak-Dad thinking??

  10. LOL. Yeah, it reminded me of Wimbledon the movie!

    I also think this is just a BS, I just can't believe that she'll alter focus so easy like that. Just can't believe.

    But if it is true, then, I agree with Rich, Maria can have her own life with not just tennis.

  11. As mnay of you have already pointed out this article is journalism at its best (said in sarcastic tone)

    You would be hard pressed to find and more driven and determined athlete than Maria. There is no way she would want to prolong her return to the court she cant wait to compete.

  12. I miss watching Maria's tennis but I am happy for her if she is in a romantic relationship, it may help her grow up and mature a little bit.

  13. I miss watching Maria's tennis but I am happy for her if she is in a romantic relationship, it may help her grow up and mature a little bit.

  14. Matt Cronin wrote that this story has no basis....

    "For those of you who read the Russian Express story that alleged that Anna Chakvedatze’s father Djambuli told Yuri Sharapov that he has lost all control of Maria, that story is said to have no basis in reality. Mr. Chakvetadze and Sharapova are not friends and would never have such a conversation.
    Due to the massive cutbacks in the publishing industry, reporting, or lack there of, has grown increasingly sketchy, while the editing, or the lack there of, has also hit the skids. How is it, for example, that two separate wire stories on Sharapova’s withdrawals from Paris and Dubai hit the news rolls a week apart and that the second one is being treated as a new story with real news value? How is it that it was reported that Sania Mirza pulled out of Fed Cup last week with a torn abdominal muscle and is back on court this week at the Pattaya Open. It must have been no more of a muscle strain."


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