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Monday, February 2, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Rafa raises his chances for calendar-year GRAND SLAM

Rafael Nadal was spotted at a photo call for the Aussie Open sporting the new silver hardware he won after defeating a teary Roger Federer in the Sunday final.

I'm thinking this win and momentum bodes well for Rafa and his first attempt at the calendar-year GRAND SLAM especially since Regal Rog may be reeling from this loss for a while. But no pressure, really.

My eye would be on Andy Murray, though, to be his biggest obstacle this year. Anyway, congrats again on the big win Rafa!

UPDATE: After the big win, Rafa repeated his plea directed at the tennis officials to reconsider the number of hard-court tourneys on the large-scale calendar to help prevent injury and lengthen careers on both Tours:

This calendar I am playing with this surface—hard court surface—is tougher than grass or clay for the body, and all the time we are playing more on this surface.

In my humble opinion, we have to change that a bit more. I can say that because I won a grand slam on hard (courts).

Before if I say that, a lot of people think `He wants to change because he’s a clay player.’ But believe me, I don’t think anything about if I am a clay court player or not.

When I say this, I think about the best for the players and for the future. It’s not possible to have a lot of injuries on tour like this. So we have to try to change something.

...To play with this aggression and with this rhythm all the time from the 1st of January to 31st of December is impossible.
He also deemed winning the Davis Cup this year his main goal now. I guess he'll be standing in Roger Federer's way here too!

(image via WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Ooohhh...and he's had a shave... I can just imagine putting my nose to that smooth looking cheek and drawing in his aftershave...mmm...

    Oh, erm...nice trophy! Congratulations.

  2. Stay healthy and it's absolutely an option. It would be AMAZING to see him take a trophy in NY.

  3. A Grand Slam would be so cool. But no pressure there Rafa - just stay healthy and enjoy competing like you always did!!

    I also love how he stands up for the players and himself!

    And don't get me started on the oh so pretty pictures. The freshly showered look is... awesome. I wonder what he smells like... o_O

  4. He said recently in one of the Q&A's that he wears Lanvin after shave, so...
    *nips out to nearest perfume store, demands sample of Lanvin, imagines this smell on Rafa's body...faints...*

    Yeah, a "proper" Grand Slam would be sooo cool!

  5. *reads CC's perfume comment*

    I'm so glad we got those pillows...

  6. "I'm so glad we got those pillows..."

    pillows = ass-ets

    I'm sure glad too...they're so bouncy!

  7. Is it me, or does his shirt read, "Just Do Me."????

  8. i think it's you...or the subliminal messages he's sending directly to you natch through the photo.

    i can just imagine what else rafa's saying to you...he's cheeky in more ways than, eh, one...or is it two??

  9. Well, subliminally of course, when you pull his shirt up there is a sign that reads, "Lick here." Then you unzip his pants and there's another one that reads...
    *subliminally faints*

  10. OH MY. natch you have to stop turning me on.

    Or... no, wait! Don't! It's just too fun, hehe. :P

    BTW it just occured to me that I'd love to be locked into Rafa's trophy room with him and do him there on the fluffy carpet on the floor. Dunno where that came from. LMAO

  11. *adds another fantasy to her growing list*

    Alright, here's another one:
    Rafa (coming in from hard work out): sonja, natch...what are you doing in hhhhhere? (You know the way he says those cute "h"'s.) I'm about to take shower. Wanna join?
    sonja and natch immediately rip their clothes off. Wait...WHY were we wearing clothes near Rafa?
    Rafa (in steamy shower being ravaged by sonja and natch): Where is Rich? I need someone to pick up soap after I drop...

  12. *exchanges note with fantasy list on it for a blank book*
    *starts scribbling*

    Now we're talkin'.

    Oh I love his H's!

    "I want to hhave you rrright now!"

    Like music to my ears.


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