Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Rafa can crush measly little balls with a single foot - scared much?

Monday, February 16, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Rafa can crush measly little balls with a single foot - scared much?

Rafael Nadal, who dealt with a knee issue during his Rotterdam final loss to Andy Murray, took his foot to some balls during a presentation announcing his new insurance sponsor, Mapfre, in Madrid today.

Motorcross Rafa is def one of my fave looks for him: the jeans, the jacket, oh my. But those poor balls - that can't feel good at all.

PS - By the looks of it (and lack of any news) the knee issue, which is really a strained ligament below the knee, isn't an issue at all. Phew.

Princess Elena + Rafa

UPDATE: Thanks to Meri for sending me video from the sponsorship announcement with Rafa + Mapfre. BTW - he mentions the knee is fine!

(image via AP)


  1. HELLO RICH! THE BLOG beautiful, I would like to add MY BLOGROLLS TO YOUR BLOG, I add yours to my blog!

  2. YOWZA @ the leather jacket.
    Love how he also wears stylish shoes, and they totally match the jacket. I'm officially aroused.

  3. MARCELO: Thanks for the link, just added yours. Good luck!

    sonja: leather jacket is a nice look for him - motocross Rafa *swoons*

    and dem jeans!!!

  4. I read a caption somewhere saying the glass tube containing the balls broke or something..hence the balls on the floor.(ha!)
    those pointy shoes look dangerous!

  5. Thanks for pics, Rich!
    Read some Rafanews, where he says injury is no injury but muscular fatigue and a strained ligament, "nothing to worry about". I worry!!!
    Should he be squashing tennis balls in hot leather jacket, tight-over-the-muscular-thighs jeans and stylish shoes on his day off?! Hell yeah!!! We need our daily dose, no?

  6. >>Rafa can crush measly little balls with a single foot<<
    Uhmmm...who can't? ;)

    Oh, those legs! Stop it, Rafa. You are KILLING me.

  7. Mmm, Rafa. Totally loving the jacket. Thank you v much, Rich - that photo just made my day.

  8. I saw on the news journal 5 minutes ago that the knee injury wasn't that bad..He will be recovered in time for the Davis Cup match against Serbia. But he does not know yet if he will play in Dubai..

  9. LOVE THE CLOTHES! Sooo mutch better than anything eles he has worn!

  10. I'd love to trade legs with him for a day - and I'd take the jeans and shoes too.

    *wonders what life would be like with Rafalegs*
    *visualizes full-on attack by rabid Rafanatics*
    *trades back*

    could be rough and tumble - i'll live vicariously thank you.

  11. HOT DAMN he looks so sexy in that outfit! I totally have to agree with your assessment of Motorcross Rafa. Def one of my fave looks on him too :D

    Bummer about Rafa's knee in the Rotterdam final...I felt bad because he looked so sad and disappointed :( However I thought it was great he chose to finish the final and not retire. It was obvious he was in some pain and while I was worried he would aggravate the issue by continuing to play, I thought it was classy that he didn't quit and allowed Andy to get a proper win, if that makes sense. BTW, heard Andy dropped out of Marseille bc of a bum ankle? That blows! I'm behind on your blog Rich (sad face) so apologies if you've already mentioned this!

  12. XDD Rich! You're not feeling brave are you? Well, okay, I do see your point. That's a pretty rabid attack you'd be facing down...

  13. B2012: Usually but after hearing all the plots and strategies by the Rafanatics on this blog I don't think I'd make it through a single day. I give Rafa tons of credit - he's def a strong boy. Plus I may have an aversion to oil, balasamic, and/or jello on me.

    I'll take my chicken legs back please.

  14. *gasps* did someone let out the covert "Operation Jello"?! frick. Will have to move on to plan B

  15. Ah the video...
    *keeps scrolling back to the kissy moment with that lady*

    This could easily be me! I would love to sniff his hair and all...


  16. Well, peeps, take a look at this beautiful angle:

  17. Anon 11.46: 0_0...'Bout all I have to say on that one...Except HOTT!!

    This Motorcross Rafa is, exactly what I needed after Sunday!! =D

  18. Well, Princess Elena certainly seems to like what she sees...

  19. Trust our Rafa to be a stylish walking advert for the Majorcan luxury leather goods industry whenever there's a photocall of him in 'civvies'! I always love the stylish leather shoes and mocassins he wears. Must remember to browse those yummy leather factory shops for bargains when I'm on Majorca this summer as well as raiding the shoe shops in the Avenidas in Palma...


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