Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murray pulls at his shirt but maybe he meant his hair

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PHOTO OP: Murray pulls at his shirt but maybe he meant his hair

Andy Murray must be feeling frustrated

The Brit baller, who hasn't been feeling well since the Aussie Open where he lost in the fourth round, was forced to withdraw from Dubai citing illness and leaving his appearance in his country's Davis Cup tie in doubt.

The 21-year old told the press he started feeling better for a few days during he winning run in Rotterdam but has been unwell since arriving in Dubai:

I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. I went to the doctor and started taking antibiotics, but I have felt very tired all week. I have felt cold and shivery and had a sore throat. I feel that my temperature is up and my body feels bad.
I don't know what it is, some virus perhaps, but after playing Granollers I didn't feel great and I've not felt 100% since. There were a couple of days in Rotterdam [the week before last] when I felt better, but I haven't felt well again since I have been here.
The World No.4 plans to return to Britain to get more tests completed:
I've had a blood test, and I've had antibiotics before for five or six days. I will have to fly home tomorrow and take some time off and see how I'm feeling in a few days.
In between sets [of the Clement match] I felt tired, really weak. You know where it feels like the adrenaline wears off, I felt cold and shivery. So obviously my temperature is up. My body is aching a little bit. I need to take some time off.
Oh boy. Could it be the dreaded mononucleosis that rocked Roger Federer for most of last season not to mention Justine Henin, Nicole Vaidisova, and a few others? I hate to say it but maybe Andy overtrained during his off-season training intensive and hasn't allowed his body a chance to really recover.

Let's hope he gets better quickly and gets his game back on track.

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  1. It wreaked havoc with Ancic as well, not once but twice.

    Problem with having such a long season is that player's don't get enough rest.

  2. Federer gave him mono at the party.

  3. If two players have it the same time, it's called stereo?

  4. There are so many viruses going around! People sick at the AO...Monfils tossing his cookies in Rotterdam...also heard Nalbandian got sick in Acapulco and may not play Murray reveals he's still sick. WTF is going on?! Really really hope it's not mono, ugh!

  5. If it is mono, I wonder how they're all giving it to each other??? Grins ;)


  6. Anon 4:39 - my thoughts went to exactly the same place :)

    Just putting it out there - I wouldn't mind getting mono from ancic ;)

  7. i think it may have been due to overtraining. he totally stressed himself out. another player that i think trained too much was JJ, which did little to improve her game. she was playing much better when she had 894651 injuries last year. someone should teach these two the meaning of balance.

  8. Might be the overtraining like you said. Must be really frustrating for Muzza but still it's not like his struggling lol.


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