Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murray gets frosty in Roehampton, frolics in surprise snow

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PHOTO OP: Murray gets frosty in Roehampton, frolics in surprise snow

Andy Murray was spotted at the National Tennis Center in Roehampton frolicking in the snow, building snowmen and throwing snow balls during the recent surprise snow storm that swept through England and handcuffed the parts of the country.

Believe you me Andy, it may be all fun and games now but I'd like to see you after the 10th snow storm like here in New York.

Egads! Here it comes again....

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  1. Awww...that's very cute.
    But yeah, go out and shovel three feet of it, lay down the ice melt ten times, and repeat that over and over AND OVER and then tell us how much fun it is, Andy.

  2. Honestly natch, if it snows anymore here I just might LOSE MY FREAKIN MIND!!!!

  3. I can't really complain. I just flew back from Florida...and boy, are my arms tired! ;) No snow there. No snow here this week, but it is so damn C-C-COLD!!!

  4. Rich - i can't TAKE IT ANYMORE! These photos so made me laugh, thank you...and now I don't feel so much like seething at the swirling storm outside.

  5. *green with envy at natch florida trip*

    seriously that's my next move. i'd walk there right now.

    b2012: HA! glad i can help. but truly it's awful.

  6. I'm one click from selling my soul and going on an around the world cruise. Around the warm parts anyway.

    btw - did you know this Snowball Thrower of the Year has a Twitter? :D goodtimes.

  7. England is getting snow storms now! Damn it, it hasn't snowed here in weeks and that's all we have in my home state. I want to stay home and read your blog, not go to school; there are no hot people there.
    *thinks of Yoann Gourcuff*
    *thinks of ugly schoolmates*

  8. I just can't help wondering what nickname he gave to Mr Frosty up there.

  9. SO CUTE! Frosty the Snowman...
    Love how Andy looks totally stuffed in the last picture. LOL

    And OH MY GOD Louise where did you find that ridiculously HOTT Rafapic on your icon??!!

  10. sonja: ditto!
    Spill it, Louise. Where did that pic come from?????
    *plops self down on pillows, waits for answer*

  11. *still waiting*
    I'm imagining it's a photo of Rafa immediately...*afterwards*.

  12. Natch, Sonja-- I found it stalking the internet for hot pictures of Rafa, because what else is life about, seriously? He looks like a porn star in this one.

    I don't have a pic credit, and not sure if Rich likes having random links in his blog. But how can I deprive you of Rafa?

  13. *faints three times in a row*

    What else is life about, indeed?
    Rafa...the porn star...

    *thanks paramedics for restarting her heart*
    Hey, Rich, could we get a defibrillator in here?

    Louise, I am forever in your debt.

  14. "Hey, Rich, could we get a defibrillator in here?"

    Yeah like that's what you really want "in here"

    Thanks for the pic Louise!!! I must add you to the DtL blogroll now that I know about your blog!

  15. >>Yeah like that's what you really want "in here"<<
    *squeals* there's something I hadn't thought of...
    ...*adds another fantasy to the ever-growing list*

  16. *wheels in the crash cart for natch*

    Natch and Rich - you're totally welcome! Rich - that would be fab, thanks :)

  17. Oh Louise - you totally made my WEEK there, girl! Thanks so much! Plus, I'll totes be checking out your blog in the future.

    And that porn star comparison will get me over the weekend, seriously...

    *save picture as...*

    He looks so sweaty and shiny and... drenched in body fluids...

    Rich, thanks, no defi for me though. Rafatrance and constant fainting just brings into a peaceful state of mind, far from death, but close to heaven... it's my happy place, full of porn Rafas...

    OK I'm rambling again, somebody stop me. :D

  18. BTW how come we make EVERY comment section (and may it be of a Murray-snowman) about Rafa? LOL

    Did I already mention that I love this place?

  19. Sonja's right. I totes forgot who/what the post are about. It's crazy. We're taking over the blog.

    As for Murray.. aw, you ginge cuteness you.

    As for the cold... I told you guys, anyone wants to switch places with me will be so welcomed.

    As for the Rafa pic... Oh you lucky woman Louise! And I've only got the small version! Thanks ever so much!


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