Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Monica squashed by JJ in Dubai - but how do you explain her faces?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PHOTO OP: Monica squashed by JJ in Dubai - but how do you explain her faces?

Monica Niculescu an her unorthodox game faced off against former WTA Penthouse resident Jelena Jankovic today in Dubai. Unfortunately, JJ made quick work of her Romanian foe besting Monicu 6-3, 6-2 in the second round.

So you know what else is really unorthodox? Monicu's competition faces. I mean, really. You're hitting a tennis ball, not giving birth on court (because that would be, like, really gross.)


(images via Getty)


  1. Constipated much? Lol. Actually, she looks a bit like a female Federer.

    BTW, the Feds has withdrawn from DC and Dubai to rehab his back. Too bad.

  2. anon: "female Federer" OMG - that's soooo good!!! I totally didn't see it until you mentioned it. HA!

  3. She looks a bit more like Roger's dad than Roger to me. Although we all know that Roger will look just like his dad in a few decades; it's a shame too because I find Roger quite attractive.

  4. C'mon your work, but why do women tennis players need to conform to some kind of 'pretty' standard when hitting a tennis ball?? Men equally contort their faces, grunt and do whatever else to win a point. Seems it's unacceptable when it's a women. She's out there to win a match, not a beauty pageant.

  5. Actually in photo #2 she looks like she's giving birth.

  6. anon 10:57 - you miss my point. it has nothing to do with pretty or not pretty. it has to do with the effort monicu looks like she's putting into hitting a tiny ball. by her facial expressions alone you'd think she was giving birth, not hitting a tennis ball.

    same goes for some of the shrieks out there too - do they really need to be THAT loud when hitting a ball? really??

  7. All players, male and female exhibit some form of facial exertion. It may not have anything to do with pretty, but inadvertently this suggests that this facial expression is 'not appropriate'. What should she be doing? Smiling? Perhaps it's just a sensitive issue, considering the way women players are hounded about their weight, boyfriends and sex appeal. Now they have to worry about their facial expressions??

  8. Looks like she picked up her playing style (double handed forehand and backhand) from Monica Seles. I'll bet she picked up the facial expressions from the same source too.


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