Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Madona in full dress, served bagels by Galina

Thursday, February 5, 2009

PHOTO OP: Madona in full dress, served bagels by Galina

Madona Najarian was spotted in Perth battling Galina Voskoboeva in their Asia/Oceania Group FED CUP tie today. Unfortunately the Iranian was served double bagels by her Kazakhstani foe - ouch.

Regardless, what a stirring image it is to see a lady baller in full Islamic dress cracking groundies in a FED CUP match. You can never say tennis isn't a truly international, far-reaching sport, eh?

(image via TONY ASHBY/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. I think it's crazy. When I first saw the pics on another website I was like: what the *... I've never seen something like this, fully dressed just because she's from Iran. Fortunately she lost 6-0 6-0;)

  2. Why is it fortunate that she lost Daan? Is it in any way wrong of her to follow her religion and her passion of playing tennis? I wish her luck in her career. Maybe others (not saying any names) can learn from her.

  3. What do you mean "fortunately she lost 6-0 6-0"?

  4. narik did you mean Sania Mirza?

  5. Nice to see Ignorance and Prejudice alive!! World is full of different people, beliefs, choices, etc. People need to respect that! Just because somebody or something isn't like you doesn't mean its wrong or bad.

  6. BTW, she isn't fully dressed like that "just because she is from Iran". She is dressed like that because that is what her faith/religion tells her to do. People intrepret their faith in different forms. She intreprets it to be that way. Sania Mirza, who is also Muslim, intreprets her faith in a different manner. Their is not one type of Muslim. Of the 1 billion muslims, their is great diversity. Just like all Christians are not the same.

    Travel the world, meet other people and you'll see what a beautiful world it is!

  7. I think to avoid controversy the reason of the post its to see how pretty its to see other cultures that normally we don't see in the WTA tour getting together in one sport ( like the Olympics).

    Another example to add to what Rich post its in this video you can see Aravan Rezai when she go to Iran to visit her relative she need to cover her hair while she practice there.
    You can see it at minute 1:49.

  8. Im minute 1:10, I got confuse with the lenght time.

  9. Poor girl.
    Poor all of us women, who have been constrained with ridiculous rules, because of which we missed so much.
    I cannot count how many times I skipped on swimming just because I wasn't waxed at the time and I live in a so called civilized society. I cannot imagine what those women have to miss out on just because they are women.

  10. She won't get skin cancer from the sun.

  11. Lady tennis ballers dress little for a reason.(sportwomen in general actually).U can't dress like that and expect to run and reach freely ,not to mention win a match.

    I respect islam and believe it's a good and sincere religion.Wht i don't respect(and im not gonna apologize abt it) is how some people manipulate it just so tht they can oppress others, especially women and homosexuals.Does anyone remember the iranian president saying "there are no gays in iran"? i bet he was saying that in the name of "religion", islam tht is. And u expect people with tht mentality to win a pro tennis match?

    reduce the clothing baggage a lil for christ sake!!!

  12. To echo SarroQ's point, when I played high school tennis, quite a few of my teammates were Muslim but did not dress as the player in the picture.

    I've also played opponents who did follow the Islamic code and dressed just like this player. I played in an area where this was familiar in our community so I suppose we didn't really even think of it as anything different on the court.

    It's definitely a positive thing for the sport and community. Play on!

  13. I'm a Muslim Iranian girl and I support her deeply! She believes in what she does and that's truely admirable...
    People, has anyone ever asked u why u dress up like punks and go out like that??? No, so in the same way you have to respect others believes as well.
    I do so, and I never ask anyone why they are gay or les even though I don't accept this belief at all... The world is getting bigger and people are coming closer. We need to learn to respect eachothers' believes...
    Thanks for sending thi post!!

  14. That' not a full Islamic dress! Not without the face veil no it's not!

  15. Just a moment to commiserate with Sania Mirza (India), who gets flak whatever she does - like complaints about her exposing her legs. I hope she plays very well again and goes top 10 in the singles rankings, well...she just won a Slam (Mixed Doubles) .
    Not easy being Sania, or being an Iranian WTA player.


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