Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Hair today, gone tomorrow - so it is with Pablo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PHOTO OP: Hair today, gone tomorrow - so it is with Pablo

In a battle of sizzling Spaniard's in Acapulco, Pablo Andujar was knocked out of the tourney's first round 6-4, 6-7(2), 6-2 by Carlos Moya. The former No.1 will next face Argentina's Leonardo Mayer for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Now let's talk Pablo: HOT DAMN. Seriously, what's there NOT to like? Oy.

So maybe I'm just splitting hairs here (no pun please) but -

a) do you like him with the close shaven look from Acapulco
b) with some longer locks (below)
c) RiCH you're hitting the crack pipe again. The boy's sex personified - hair, no hair, clothed, no clothed

What do you guys think?


(images via Getty)


  1. drool...

    And a combination of a and c...

  2. Shorter hair and naked would be just lovely thanks. :D

    What is it about the water in Spain that produces such hot hot men?

  3. I actually prefer the longer locks, and def do NOT mind that scruff. Yee-yeah-yuh!

  4. Being honest, I'll take him any way he comes. Although naked in the shower would be quite nice. Mmm.

    Neil: So true. I just got back from Spain and well...hotdamn.

  5. C!
    What I wouldn't do to watch a match between him and Moya...naked.

  6. *still sitting in awe of Pablo legs*
    *is reborn*

    wow that was so worth it...

  7. Question: how many lives does Rich have? You keep dying and being reborn. Not fair!

    Definitely A, and C. JUST LOOK AT THE THIGHS

    I rest my case - on the thighs.

  8. answer: as many as needed to recover from eye candy deaths

    I would look at his thighs per your request but i'm trying not to look at them re: above reason.

    but i'm sure (at least i'm vividly imagining) his thighs can handle the case and then some.

  9. Picture him in those plaid boxer shorts. Or Rafa...or Rafa, Charlie and him naked...dipped in oil...playing with natch....

  10. Oh, Spain...<3

    I like the hair longer but the face shaved!

  11. this guy and the twink with the abs you featured recently will make big marat's retirement easier to take

  12. The thighs can definitely handle me is what I'm thinking.

    b2012, don't you like stubble marks in the morning.. all over you? ;)


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