Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Eye candy goes hand in hand in Rotterdam

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PHOTO OP: Eye candy goes hand in hand in Rotterdam

Rafael Nadal struggled through his opening round match against Simone "The Beautiful" Bolelli in Rotterdam but managed to scrape through in the end.

The top seed defeated his Italian foe 4-6, 6-2, 7-5 converting only 3 of 15 break point chances. He'll next face 17-year old Bulgarian wild card (and '08 junior Wimbledon + US Open champ) Grigor Dmitrov for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Oh to be in the front row during this eye candy match - there are no words.

*goes speechless*

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  1. Forget the front row! I'd put myself through the humiliation of being a ball girl to check out that "tennis" action.

  2. Ummm... Rafa converted 3 of 15 break points... Two in the second set, one in the third. He got broken the only break point against him in the match (and thus lost tyhe first set).

    In other news... hotness... ;)

  3. *shows up in locker room with "Official Shorts Inspector" button pinned to her chest*
    Alright, boys, I need to inspect the contents. If you'll line up for me, this won't take long.
    ...unless I want it to. ;)

  4. Yay, Rich, for giving us the score! I'll be damned if I can find this tournament anywhere on my cable guide.
    *kicks hole in tv screen*

  5. anon: Yes I'd like to hold their balls too

    PP: thanks for the correction! 3 of 15 is still pretty spotty. he'll def get better over the week.

    natch: as if you'd give them warning - i've talked to your UPS man. he mentioned something about an am-bush.

  6. no hug? no fondling? no smooches? no showering together?

    oh. sorry, I was thinking ahead.

    YAY for this match being over. Lack of break point conversion was ruining my life for a wee bit.

  7. I still totally prefer the French system.

  8. Uh...that wasn't a great game. Seemed like Rafa was playing with an old frying pan as a racquet!
    But those shorts, THOSE SHORTS!!! Don't they show off both "front" and "back" very well, no? Couldn't take my eyes off it all match.

  9. Awww, I couldn't see the match - I wasn't home (how dare I have a life anyway when there's Rafa?? LOL).

    But oh the bum.... :o

  10. >>But those shorts, THOSE SHORTS!!! Don't they show off both "front" and "back" very well, no?<<
    *curses local cable provider for not providing Rafa*
    In the words of Nancy Kerrigan, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????
    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY can't I watch those shorts?
    *throws herself onto pillows*
    *kicks, screams*

  11. I watched the match on the ATP Rotterdam official homepage. Not brilliant, but still got some good views. Might that work for you guys? I think it's and then click on LIVE SCORE, TENNIS AND MEDIA FILES.

  12. CC, you will only get this if you youtube David Letterman's interview with Joaquin Phoenix.
    *ambles in with mussed hair, unkempt beard and dark glasses*
    Why are you all laughing at me?

    That's how I felt at that site. Thanks for the link, but it wants me to subscribe, shell out some money, and also have a pc. :'(
    *continues to pout*

  13. natch: OMG Joaquin is either hittin' it hard (partying) or he's doing some sort of performance art thing (think: Andy Kaufman), right?

    And he's becoming a rapper? SHAW NOT!

  14. Rich, my love, I went over to the TBS site just for you, to look up this quote:

    I'm afraid the problem with (Joaquin) is more serious. He's back on the horse, Elaine. Smack. White palace. The Chinaman's nightcap.

    My question is, who on earth are his handlers, and why did they let him go out there like that?
    Sorry for going OT. Here, let me get back on: I HEART RAFA. ;)

  15. There 's another site you can use to warch the game: and then you have to click on "Naar de livestream". It works perfect for me!

  16. Thanks for trying, anon. It doesn't work for me. :'( I guess this week I'm destined to be without Rafa. :'''(


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