Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Ana the Avenger doesn't dare look up just yet

Monday, February 16, 2009

PHOTO OP: Ana the Avenger doesn't dare look up just yet

It seems Ana Ivanovic can't stand the sight of her own inconsistent play these days (how does she think WE feel just watching her - geez.)

But the Serb should be feeling pretty good after snatching up a new coach in the experienced Craig Kardon (who's with her this week) and avenging her shocking Aussie Open third round loss to Alisa Kleybanova in Dubai today. Ana defeated the Russian 7-5, 6-4 and will next face either Ursula Radwanska (who defeated older sis' Agznieszka) or Camille Pin in the next round.

The serve is THE obvious barometer of a baller's confidence and Ana hit 13 aces (yeah!) against 6 double faults (eeks!) in the straight set win. Based on these stats alone, I'd say she's def moving in the right direction and starting to feel good but more work needs to be done.

C'mon Craig - bring it!

(image via Getty)


  1. lol! i have to point it out.

    photo op: ana ivanovic.




    lol love it here :P

  2. It was a much better showing from Ana. Hopefully she will build some confidence from it and keep improving.. I think she needs time, but she is on the right path.

  3. Yay Ana!

    Yummy legs, by the way.

  4. when is she ditching the purple? I want to see the blue one, I think it's going to look better.

  5. i wish she'd get rid of that baggy dress; it makes her look lopsided

  6. @ par3182: oh yeah, i couldn't agree more. purple looks great on her but the cut of the dress is unflattering.

    nice to know that she finally got her revenge from kleybanova. it seems that she's working well with her new coach. i saw some of the highlights on the wta's official website and it looked like she played well.


  7. Unfortunately, Ana will be wearing the same style dress but in blue for Roland Garros.

    More curtain days for the Serb I suppose. But I still say it's much better than that HORRID ladyfinger piece of crap she wore for one match at Wimby last year.

    If I NEVER see that thing again it'll be too soon.

    *tries to burn memory from mind*
    *fails then cries*

  8. Oh, no! How do you know she will be wearing the same but in blue for RG?
    It's as if she has to wear them out before she gets another dress to wear?
    What's up with that?

  9. anon:

    via her website

    I know - she's be wearing this same dress now since last November at the Championships in Doha. It's pretty sad and must be boring for her.


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