Google Down the Line!: Nole gets cheeky with "Speed Lessons", helps HEAD launch Speed Pro stick

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nole gets cheeky with "Speed Lessons", helps HEAD launch Speed Pro stick

Novak Djokovic and sponsor HEAD have launched a new, interactive website called Speed Lessons to help promote the new Speed Pro racquet launching this spring.

The site will roll out six cheeky, live action sketches over a few weeks time showcasing different lessons on various techniques and the sexy Serb will provide a voice-over during parts of each lesson.

In addition, visitors to the site can take the "Speed Test", a multiple choice quiz where readers can enter to win 1 0f 10 Speed racquets signed by Nole himself.

This is a great example by the racquet maker of creating innovative marketing that smartly infuses a baller's personality with their messaging. Babolat may want to take some notes - just sayin'.

Check out Lesson #1 - "The Service" below featuring a Pamela Anderson cartoon look-alike. I figured she liked balls and a good stick but who knew she liked tennis? Ca-razy.


  1. Cute. I wish he would have narrated the entire thing though.

  2. I love it. Unsurprisingly, I agree with anon, I'd love to hear more of his sexy voice :D

  3. Funniest tennis related website out there.

    "Hi, i'm Speed Lessons, welcome to my Novak Djokovic"

    all the lines cracked me up.

    neil in toronto


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