Google Down the Line!: More images from Ana's Rolex ad campaign, discusses rumored Melbourne moves

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More images from Ana's Rolex ad campaign, discusses rumored Melbourne moves

Team Ana have released more images of Ana Ivanovic doing her modeling, sex kitten thing in an ad campaign for sponsor Rolex.

I have to say the above image is the best one out of the bunch - she looks stunning and she seems relaxed and comfortable. The bottom two? Meh - trying too hard for sure.

Could it be she's not comfortable showing a bit of skin? Or maybe she feels better having a big stick near her face (not that I know ANYTHING about that)??

Anyway the Serb, who slipped to World No.8 this week after falling in the Oz Open third round, also discussed the rumors that the year's first major might move it's location from Melbourne saying:

I’ve made no secret of my love for Melbourne or this tournament. I was therefore concerned when I heard reports that its long-term future is not entirely safe.

For me, it simply isn’t even a question: the Australian Open should remain in Melbourne. I am very young and admit I am no expert on the history of the game, but for me as a player I feel that this tournament belongs here as much as any of the other three Grand Slams belong in their current locations. To move any of them would be unthinkable.
The fact that Ana's publicly discussing the possibility of a move makes me think it's definitely a concern for Tennis Australia and the rumors aren't unfounded. Very interesting indeed.

And how does the Roland Garros champ feel about the idea of moving the Slam back in the calendar?
I would not move this tournament from its current calendar position either. I always spend up to a month training in Australia beforehand, and I can feel the public’s holiday spirit during the summer months. It also ensures that we get great crowds.

It makes sense to keep it in January, when so many people are on holiday. Moving it to February, to allow players more warm-up tournaments, is an interesting idea, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Looking at the matches this year, it’s clear that the players are already in great form, because they prepared well.
Eh, did you forget you just got embarrassed by Alisa Kleybanova and lost early in Melbourne, Ana? I certainly wouldn't say you were in "great form" and "prepared well". You may want to rethink that last part of your blog because you def looked like you could've used a bit more prep time.

Just sayin'.

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  1. The pictures are too airbrushed. Everything about her seems very PR Public Relations. Like there's somebody behind the scenes trying to create a female Roger Federer (in terms of marketability).


  2. Ana? She looks like Aishwarya Rai in the first pic.

  3. She looks super-gorgeous in those pics, but nothing like herself I have to say.

    This is SO photoshopped, which acutally wouldn't be necessary. She is pretty anyway!

  4. Well, I just wanted to say the same, and well you already said it, pics are great!EXCEPT it doesn't even look like Ana.

  5. One word: Eyebrows


  6. The black glove thing is awful. And she doesn't even look like Ana. The last pic is nice ( without the glove).

  7. Yeah these pics are def photoshopped to the max. And what's with all the wet shot?

    And I love how these are "great pics" but at the same time it doesn't look ANYTHING like her. What the hell is THAT saying? HA!

    anon 12:58 - Eyebrows? Please elaborate. Are they WMD's?? Because then she

  8. The first picture reminds me of the Aphex Twin guy.

  9. Definitely WMD eyebrows. They're too long and maybe too thick and I absolutely hate that they're not the colour of her hair.

  10. T.O. - *shudders* ewww creepster

    anon 1:25 - HA someone needs to make sure the drapes match the curtains! Too bad for Nando - he could've done it though he was actually busy getting his game together unlike Ana.

  11. ;feels better having a big stick near her face ;
    that's cruel Riche
    btw do u -RICH-feel better having a stick near ur face???

  12. The eyebrows are definitely Brooke Shields style.

  13. "btw do u -RICH-feel better having a stick near ur face???"

    absolutely Coco - though please make sure it's an oversized stick and not one of those mid-sized frames. size matters, y'know?

    sonja: def, which is why i always thought brooke was a bit manly looking. i've never thought she was really pretty.

  14. Who the bloody hell is that? That's not Ana!


  15. Sorry, stupid question, but English is not my first language: what does WMD mean?

  16. No prob anon! It's an acronym for "weapons of mass destruction" - and those bushy brows surely are.

  17. Thanks so much Rich! I knew it meant "weapons of mass destruction", but I would've never understood it in this case. I thought it meant sth else. LOL


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