Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Tati, Dani, and Kiri featured in Sports Illustrated 2009 Swimsuit Issue

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Tati, Dani, and Kiri featured in Sports Illustrated 2009 Swimsuit Issue

The Sports Illustrated 2009 Swimsuit Issue featuring Tatiana Golovin, Daniela Hantuchova, and Maria Kirilenko has been released and showcases the lady ballers on the beaches of the Dominican Republic working designer swimwear. has also provided some behind-the-scenes footage of the shoots with the ladies.


Click here for more images from the Swimsuit Issue. Tati, Dani, + Kiri also sat down for an interview with the mag (click on their name to read the piece.) The most memorable lines?

Who's your dream guy? "I think I found one. I've been dating my boyfriend for a year." [Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri].

Dani: Every girl has her dating checklist. What are your top three deal breakers when dating? "I don't like when the guy is late, speaks only about himself and doesn't open the door for me."

Kiri: People have said that I look like..."Not sure who do I look like, but people say I look like a princess."

Thanks to DtL readers Jason + Sarah for the tip!

(images via Sports Illustrated)


  1. It is about time that SI does a Speedo issue....or do they have one already?

    Oh wait, they don't have enough female readers.

    May be Better Home and Garden should do the Speedo issue.

  2. Whoa Tati's picture almost crosses the line to Playboy. ;-))

    Anyhoo, the fact that Kiri thinks she looks like a princess cracks me up so bad! :D

  3. We need more female tennis players who can successful promote themselves without taking their clothes off. I guess it's just Ana Ivanovic so far.


  4. I didn't watch the vids, just looked at the pix. I'm not into posing as a sex object, but those girls still look hot. Except...erm...where are Dani's breasts?

  5. She probably sweated them's still a mystery to me how hers do THAT.

  6. Richalicious,
    Believe it or not, it happens. It's uncommon, but it happens. I see it sometimes in my yoga classes. I would rather not see it, but hey, the human body is a marvelous thing. I would say as evidenced by these photos, but I would rather say as evidenced by Senor Rafa Nadal.

  7. Charlie,
    *laughs at Speedos in Better Homes and Gardens*
    How about if they just hold the Speedo out in front, so we get a better view?

    *subscribes, just in case*

  8. natch - I wasn't sure if was actually physically possible. It was a discussion we had when I posted the pic of Dani in the tank top with the nipple sweat marks.

    I just assumed they were crying. *boo hoo*

    charlie: I'd SO be up for doing a Speedo issue for DtL. I think I have enough female readers, not to mention the boys who'd appreciate a Speedo stuff with hot ballers.

  9. Yes, I remember that discussion. I just didn't respond then because I was otherwise...*occupied*. wink, wink.
    It's still remarkable where sweat glands end up. Not to mention how differently ppl sweat. Some pour it out by the bucket, some barely form dew. I think it's still an amazing thing, the human body.

    Maybe they were crying for attention?

  10. Yes natch, the human body is an amazing thing.
    Let's see some amazing things in Speedos!

    Who would you guys really really want to see in teeny tiny speedos?

  11. Well def the obvious - RAFA (though we did see him in the tighty whities so that's pretty close *faints for 1000th time remembering those pics*)

    Otherwise, I'd take a gander at Marat, Feli, Nole, Kiwi (Kiefer), Haas, Simone, Gonzo...

  12. Ooooh yeah! I'd looove to see them as well! I'm not too hot on Feli, but oh well...he's got a tight bod!

    Kiwi is living in Hannover, right? That's about 30 mins from where I live. Maybe if I hurry a bit I will have him tracked down and dressed in some speedos by midnight! *runs*

  13. I'm against Speedos in general, but for Rafa, I'd break all my objections.

    I'll take about half of who Rich wants.

    Hurry, Maja, hurry!
    *gets out loop to carefully inspect*

  14. "Not sure who do I look like, but people say I look like a princess."

    No wonder Kirilienko and Shrieka are friends. What a diva! :P

  15. "We need more female tennis players who can successful promote themselves without taking their clothes off. I guess it's just Ana Ivanovic so far."

    Except that Ana Ivanovic has already been in Maxim (or one of those other ridiculous men's magazines) wearing a barely there bikini and posing suggestively...and the expression on her face (and the airbrushing) in her Rolex ads are practically soft core porn.

    Agree, though, that the sport needs more female tennis players who don't feel the need to strip off the clothes in order to promote their careers. I wonder how much endorsement money Justine Henin lost out on because she didn't fit the stereotypical idea of what is beautiful and sexy?

  16. Mina I see what your saying and it is a little sad but the harsh reality is that pretty girls seel products. No one wants so see an average or ugly girl on the cover of a mag or on a billboard they want bombshells.

  17. I'm all for the speedo issue!!! I'll totally take Rich's list.

    As for those chicks posing half-naked: It's all a matter of taste...

  18. I think what upsets me most is the double standard. Male athletes can make ridiculous amounts of money from endorsements whether they are physically attractive or not - of course, being as hot as David Beckham can make them even more money - but they can make decent money all the same. Also, male athletes who are good looking but not successful on the playing field, make virtually no money from endorsements.

    On the flipside, it seems like the ONLY way that female athletes can make any money through endorsements is if they are good looking or sexy. I can't think of one female athlete who has been able to make significant amounts of money commercially who was only "average" looking.

    And even if they aren't very successful at their sport, female athletes can make a lot of money via endorsements (Danica Patrick prior to her big win, Anna Kournikova her ENTIRE CAREER although she did win some doubles titles so I guess that's something).

  19. Totally agree with you Mina!!
    Double standards... UGH!


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