Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: The bouncing bird returns to Dubai baller bash - and so does Fed (huh?)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: The bouncing bird returns to Dubai baller bash - and so does Fed (huh?)

"Is this boy glow-in-the-dark or what?"

The bouncing bird made a return appearance for the boy's baller party in Dubai.

Andy Murray + Novak Djokovic made the event but it was surprise visit by a non-injured Roger Federer that brought the buzz.

Isn't it awkward to make an appearance at the event for a tourney you skipped? Well, I guess Fed will getting his "appearance" fee after all.

"Oh, to be a bird on the wall for this conversation. Wait - I am! DO TELL boys."

"The Serb pulled a ReRe and booted me from this fun photo. Whatevs Nole, you're not so hot these days anyway."

Here's video from the party showcasing the boys getting their party on - and some more than others.


(images via Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships, video via ATP)


  1. ummm wtf is roger doing there? weird.

    p.s. something tells me i would like to party with marat & nole ;)

  2. Johanne: Partying with Marat and Nole?? I AM SO THERE. I think my heart just exploded out of my chest at that thought ;)

  3. d: LOL seriously! they both seem like such a good time! let's go, people will catch up :D

  4. uh oh, looks like someone wasn't getting enough attention this week.

    Man that bird sure does know how to party.

  5. It's not too surprising that Roger Federer is there, considering that he has residence in Dubai. And if you think that the tournament directors were suprised to find him at the door you are kidding yourself. There is no doubt that they want him there, whether he is playing or not.

  6. Federer is a disgrace.

  7. J: I'm finding the next flight to Dubai...see you there? (Although I don't mind if the others don't catch us up...more of Nole and Marat for us :D)

  8. Fed probably needed to cry on a few more shoulders, hence the surprise appearance at the players' party

  9. that is so crazy that ppl are saying these things about federer. the guy most definitely got invited. if i was hosting a tennis party i would most definitely want the arguably best tennis player ever to be there! he lives there, why wouldn't he come? i'm sure that unlike the people commenting on here, the players and organizers were actually happy to have him there.

  10. From my perspective, I don't doubt for a minute the organizers and other ballers wanted him there. My point is his appearance at the party after he pulled out of the tourney for injury concerns sends a bad message and doesn't help the idea that sometimes these cries of "injury" and "I need a break because of it" are false.

    And coupled with his trainer's supposed quote that he's in fact not injured doesn't help either.

    I remember Shrieka getting flack for that last year at the US Open - why is she doing these appearances, I thought she was injured? And she was pretty injured. A lot of them do it - ReRe went surfing, Rafa was waterskiing or something last year.

    So it works both ways. I'm sure he doesn't care - he lives there, they may have paid him an appearance fee of some sort, so why not?

    But it definitely doesn't send a good message.

  11. So, does Nadal shooting commercials while injured send the same message, because I would imagine that to shoot a commercial stresses the body to the same degree as going to a party. The same for Sharapova. It's ridiculus to think that a player's injury, which prevents them from playing tennis, or maybe they can still play, but it is better to live low-impact for a while to give the body time to repair so that one might compete at their highest level, and to preserve their body for longevity. Sports injuries are hardly ever torn-this, or fractured-that.

  12. An injury need not be debilitating to justify withdrawal from a tournament, though a player may well be fit enough for "ordinary" social engagements, like shooting commercials and going to tourney parties. These things are part and parcel of their job, and we limit our perspective and lose a sense of proportion and appreciation, by not understanding this.

    Roger withdrew from Dubai with an injury. He attended the players’ party. These facts are not mutually exclusive. The message being sent, if any, is that he has the admirable good sense to enjoy the few pleasures to be had on the gruelling, high-pressured, mind-numbingly monotonous treadmill that is the pro tennis circuit.

    You can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of tournaments Federer has withdrawn from through injury, so he’s no Monday morning faker. He’s played (and won) far more tennis matches than he’s been to parties, which means he’s no freeloading hedonist either.

    Year in, year out, the man has busted his buns for our entertainment. The pro tennis cause isn’t served by anyone begrudging him his own.

    If this was Safin, would anyone even bother to remark? Seriously?

  13. everyone's so sensitive about fed!! you can't say anything about him!! i guess he is a precious jewel...geez!!!

  14. he's a pretty precious jewel in the game of pro tennis..there's no doubt about that. and i agree with Darcey completely. very well put. and i don't think that the post was sensitive, it was quite rational and logical.


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