Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Behind-the-scenes with Venus at Marie Claire shoot, profiled for CNN's Revealed series

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Behind-the-scenes with Venus at Marie Claire shoot, profiled for CNN's Revealed series

When she's not speaking up as a leading voice for women's tennis, Venus Williams can be found doing just about everything else.

The 7-time Grand Slammer will be featured in an upcoming issue of Italian Marie Claire shot by her fave photog Koto Bolofo, who photographed her for his coffee table book Venus Williams.

CNN was on hand to shoot some behind-the-scenes images and video profiling V for their series "Revealed" to be aired this week. (Side Note: You can see the show in advance: Parts 1, 2, and 3.)

It's an interesting, inside look at the evolution of the Wimbledon champ from her humble beginnings to her place as a global presence in women's sports, ending the show with her triumph at last year's WTA Championships. (CNN, however, incorrectly counts the number of Grand Slams for V at six - tsk, tsk.)

During the interview she was asked about her the contrast between her laid-back personality off-court and the powerfully intense one on-court:

I just always go with the flow. On the court, that's when I get most intense. In practice, I scream and yell and threaten to throw my racquet but in the match I'm not like that at all.
V also revealed her big goal for the 2009 season is to knock lil' sister Serena from the WTA Penthouse. "I think I am in a great position to do that," said the 28-year old.

(via Tennis Grand Stand)


  1. OH i'm so putting on that tennis ball wig for US Open.

  2. Then we'll be twins - AHHHHHH!

  3. I want a different sort of balls in the pool.

    Love the pooch! Shihtzu poodle mix? Adorable.

  4. babz: true enough - just watch the chlorine and make sure the water is warmer than colder. ya know, shrunken balls = not so cute.

  5. I have so many replies to that, but I think it'll turn some people off. I will keep it to myself then.

  6. babz: And deprive me of more delicious ball references? Damn you!!!!

    *throws fists in the air*
    *runs from falling rain*

  7. *restrains fingers from typing what Horny Babz really wants to type*

    I was gonna say something about watching them shrink.

    OH NOES! Bad, BAD fingers.

  8. Oh, I'll totally do mine up with the Ralph Lauren balls so we won't clash.

  9. That shoot with Koto Bolofo in "Revealed" looks amazing. This is the 3rd time they've worked together and I've liked their previous callaborations. Hope she keeps working with him.

  10. I cant wait to see the end results. Venus is such a great high fashion model her angles are amazing and her body is killer.


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