Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Justine + Kim both prepping for exo tourneys - is a return to the WTA Tour next?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Justine + Kim both prepping for exo tourneys - is a return to the WTA Tour next?

Retired lady ballers Justine Henin + Kim Clijsters are both reportedly prepping to play a few exhibitions during the 2009 season.

Belgian papers have noted that the 7-time Grand Slammer Justine is slated to appear at the Belgian Tennis Trophy exhibition in Charleroi on December 5 - 6 while former US Open champ Kim has been training on a regular basis with former sparring partner Wim Fissette and physical coach Sam Verslegers to prepare for some exhibitions this year as well according to her website.

So of course the rumor mill is buzzing with talk (and lots of hope) that the two Belgian ballers will eventually make their returns back to the WTA Tour (and, boy, does the Tour need them.)

As the saying goes, never say "never" but who really knows. Personally, I'd love to see both of them back.

Do you guys think this signals their intentions to return to full-time play or not?


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  1. Ooh, yes please. Women's tennis desperately needs Henin back... It might force Jelena, Ana and co to play better. A no.1 who has won a slam? Yes please!

  2. Oh God can't anybody STAY retired?


  3. YES! Although have you been able to find anything real about this dumbly named Tennis Trophy tournament? I've scanned the internet and can't find sh*t. . . Also it's quite late in the year (lke 10 months from now) maybe she'll make a surprise appearance at the year end championships (hey, why not a wildcard!)

  4. derangedsoviet: DITTO

    Lisa: Exactly why can't the just say "I'm taking an extended break so leave me the hell alone until then" because that's what it ends up being when they eventually return. Not sure if these two will but it happens so much, but not just in tennis (think: Lance Armstrong).

    FF: Nothing yet, maybe it's a new one just for her return? Like a re-launch event?? One never knows...

  5. Because playing exhibitions does not = coming out of retirement. I dont know about Henin, but with Kim, she has said it is not a comeback. So rest relaxed, the Belgians are not back, and the tour will continue to be like crap

  6. My prediction, way back when, and I'm sticking to it: Henin will be back about three years after the "quit". Takes almost two years to relax, unwind, and decide to return. So by next year, she may be on her way back, and she'll likely play in Aussie Open 2011.
    That'll be fun.


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