Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Will Dave Rineberg become Ana's new coach?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Will Dave Rineberg become Ana's new coach?

Speaking of Ana Ivanovic, The Tennis Times is reporting DH Management, who represent the Serb, has been in talks with Dave Rineberg as a potential coach.

Ana most recently worked with Sven Groenefeld through adidas' baller development program but this set up prevented him from traveling with her full-time or coaching her if she competed against another adidas-sponsored baller. The 21-year old announced the split prior to the Aussie Open but the pair were spotted working together during some Melbourne practice sessions.

Rineberg previously coached Venus + Serena Williams and penned the book Venus & Serena, My Seven Years as Hitting Coach in 2005.

The Boca Raton-based coach was quoted as saying about the potential partnership,

I’d be honored and thrilled to coach Ms Ivanovic back to #1 on the WTA, I think there are only a few coaches who have coached a player to the #1 spot and for me well, I’ve coached the best girls in the world and I think Ms Ivanovic could out do them all.
Well Rineberg certainly has the right credentials so it could be a great move. But in any case, it's good to hear her management is moving quickly to get this coaching issue settled before Ana suffers any more bad losses.

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  1. she needs a coach before she spirals any further out of control.

  2. *visualizes Ana literally spinning out of control*

    LOL! I love that visual B2012!! No, def she needs one as does a certain Swiss stylist.

    Funny that those two seems to get along so swimmingly and have that same mindset.

  3. And funny that both are losing matches they can win.

    I love Roger but it's really disappointing to see that unlike Nadal, Murray, Roddick and his bff Tiger, Roger hasn't made a commitment to getting better. He became complacent some years ago and it has bitten him in the ass.

  4. "And funny that both are losing matches they can win."

    Interesting insight Sara. Do you think Rog lost that match from a mental standpoint or is it Rafa's game is too good right now that even Fed in his heyday couldn't beat him?

    Sometimes I think it's a matter of the matchup - that things about Rafa's game just naturally bother him i.e. big spinning lefty forehand into his backhand, deeper will to win, physical strength, etc.

    Curious to know what you think!

  5. I think his defeats against Rafa are mental but if he made an effort to improve, physically and mentally, he might beat him more often. His defeats against Murray totally illustrate my point that some are dedicated to improving and Roger is just complacent. His competition is too young, dedicated and good for him to refuse to improve. And things aren't helped by the fact that he's getting up there in tennis years.

  6. Fed beat himself in the finals.I watched it again yesterday, and the double faults in that fifth set were just painful to rewatch, he chocked, he feared, as if he was in his first GS final.Rafa didn't have to do anything in that break he got in the fifth, and he actually didn't.Roger made two double faults, and throw easy forhand in the net.Rafa didn't even have to return the serve.Federer was so shaky and out of ballance trough out that set, and some parts of match.That was some athoer Federer, and Nadal was Nadal.Figure the outcome.Defeat.
    His problem is that when he plays Nadal, his best,strong game and confidence just vanish.He needs to figure out how to be his usual self when playing Nadal, and not to tranform in this shaky mental persona, going crazy.

  7. seriously, i don't know much about the guy so i searched him on google. based from the ones that i found, all i know is that he has wrote chicken soup for the soul type of books and has worked with the williams sisters and junior players. really, i just want someone to help ana. but looking back at ana's career so far, she has reached 3 slam finals, won a slam of her own and got to no. 1 without a full-time coach around her. but as with roger, she also has to do some changes in order to get her game back on track.


  8. LOL i hope she puts the stick down before she starts spinning. I think she must have transferred some of her talent over to Fernando during their chandelier swinging rendezvous.

    Also, scientists should study whatever it is he uses in his hair because after five hours of battling the baby bull, he didn't even get one hair out of place!


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